Wanted: A Trusting Heart

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A series of disasters wipe out the men in the town of Silverpines, Oregon, leaving the women to take unconventional measures in order to save and grow their town.

A Chinook Indian by heritage, Dawn was orphaned and given to a white family as a slave. They raised her like one of their own, alongside their daughter, Laura. 

Dawn soon finds herself falling for Jake, who recently moved to Silverpines, following his brother from Texas. Jake gets to know Dawn well and soon realizes he has fallen in love with her. The catch? Though society had come a long way, it still held prejudices against Native Americans and the whites who married them. Through prejudice and calamities, the two will have to fight for their love and trust in one another with all their hearts. 

Are Dawn and Jake willing to take the risk for love? Can they face the prejudices together? 

3 reviews for Wanted: A Trusting Heart

  1. Patricia Reichardt

    The Silverpines series is so wonderfully written, and Dawn’s story really is one that translates through time. Dawn is a Chinook who lost her parents, and was given to a white family as a slave. She was not treated as a slave, but as a member of the family. When Jake shows an interest in her though, she feels that her heritage would not be accepted as a mixed marriage. Luckily, Jake thinks differently. This story is short, but full of well developed story lines! Mercy, a beautiful woman looking for a husband, sets her sights on Jake. Her actions greatly affect the outcome of Jake and Dawn, and not in the way Mercy expects. The Chinook connection that Dawn makes also shows the traditions and values the tribes have. It’s eye opening to see how they view mixed marriage and what they will do to keep their woman. It’s action packed, full of suspense and a wonderful ending.

    Narrated by Persephone Rose, the story flows with smooth, melodic voices. Rose does an amazing job with the different voices and accents with the characters. I look forward to additional narrations

  2. Catrina P

    Dawn has grown up with a “white” family, but she has never forgotten her Chinook heritage. Unfortunately many people do not accept mixed race relationships. Will it every be possible for her to find love and have a family of her own?

    Jake has strong feelings for Dawn, but does she feel the same? Can he convince her that it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks… the only thing that matters is how they feel?

    Barbara Goss is a master storyteller of clean historical romances. Her messages of love and acceptance are always very touching.

    This performance by Persephone Rose is very well done. A very enjoyable listen!

    I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and I have voluntarily left this review.

  3. Misty

    Another great book in the Silverpines series. Barbara Goss does a fantastic job with this one. The story was unexpected at times and it had me saying, “What No!” Then it had me shaking my head and wanting to kill the heroine.

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