Sweet Temptation

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She believes she has to give herself away for attention. He’s a single dad who needs stability. When a blizzard traps them for three days, will opposites attract?

Maisey agrees to meet an old hookup in Wyoming. But when he literally leaves her on his brother’s doorstep without her luggage or phone, she finds herself trapped with a handsome rodeo cowboy. A surprise has her questioning everything she’s done for the past few years. She feels like a fish out of water in the tiny Wyoming town. 

Rodeo bronc rider Brayden is down with a broken knee. When his daughter falls for Maisey and her blue hair, he begins to wonder if can turn the wild woman from sexy to sweet. He’s almost got her convinced she deserves a new life, when her past returns in a big way.

Maisey runs to the security of what she’s always known, can Brayden find her and show her what true love looks like?

1 review for Sweet Temptation

  1. Patricia Reichardt

    What happens when you go to visit an old hookup only to be left at his house with his brother and niece? Maisey is finding out first hand that giving herself to a man does not always get the attention she is seeking. Now left with Brayden and his daughter Fiona, she is about to get a whole new look at what life could be like with the right man. Trumbo has done it again. Given me hours of an entertaining story with wonderful characters. We all know a Maisey, the girl that thinks she knows how to get a man’s attention. I love her because she is so broken, and how she heals. Brayden is the man we all want to find. He sees the good in people, knows how to cultivate it and bring it to life. He is amazing with Fiona, and he can see exactly who Maisey is. This is a beautiful story and one you do not want to miss.

    This is my first narration by Melie Williams and she was a very enjoyable narrator. She has good voices, easy to distinguish and her pace is easy to listen to. She is wonderful at portraying these characters bringing their hearts to life.

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