A Bride for Adam

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Follow Greta and Adam from a Texas mansion to the high seas on a clipper ship.

After Seth’s death Greta finds out she is with child. Seth’s parents pressure their other son, Adam, into a proxy marriage in order to keep the child in the family.

Adam loves the sea and fails to arrive in Texas to meet his proxy bride. His father is forced to send the maritime police after him. 

Will Adam and Greta stick with the marriage? Will they fall in love? Or will Greta continue to obtain an annulment?

This story will take you for a ride on the vast seas with Adam and Greta on the clipper ship, Eve, and back to Texas again where an adventurous kidnapping reveals true feelings.

6 reviews for A Bride for Adam

  1. Sheri MacNutt

    After Seth’s death the story is slow and takes time to get going and have anything interesting happen. There are times during the beginning, where I found it difficult to figure out the time lines. The last have of the story is much better.

  2. Cindy Nipper

    I think this is the best book Barb has written!!!

    I loved everything about it!! Scott Bennett does an amazing job narrating this one and I can’t think of anything either Barb or Scott could improve!!

    I absolutely LOVED it!!

  3. Patricia Reichardt

    When Greta marries, she thinks it will be forever. When her husband Seth dies soon after their wedding, she finds herself alone and pregnant, and being proxy married to Seth’s brother Adam. Adam loves the sea, and does this deed to keep the baby in the family for his parents. This marriage of convenience goes on for several years, and Greta wants to start her life! Right as she files an annulment, Adam comes home. Should they continue to separate or will they find love? I really enjoyed this story. First, Greta is an interesting woman. The story of how her relationship with Seth began and her attraction to Adam is one we can all understand. I loved how she evolved and became her own woman, strong with her feelings and not afraid to voice her opinion. Adam is easy to like. His personality it warm, and his perseverance admirable. This series is entertaining, warms my heart and cleanses my tired mind. Keep them coming Barbara Goss! I am loving them!

    J Scott Bennett is the voice of proxy brides for me. He has a soothing tone and really understands the time period. He makes the listens so enjoyable that I can see the story as it is playing out. Another wonderful performance!

  4. Misty

    At first I read the synopsis of his book and thought, nope, I don’t think I will like it. Why? Well because the hero is a seaman and loves his life on a ship. I is just not my thing. HOWEVER. I got the audio and listened to it. I loved it! Why did I doubt a Barbara Goss book?! I really loved it. It was unique and interesting. I loved the characters and the way the story progressed. A few twists and turns was great as well. I should have got this book as soon as I saw who the author was instead of giving my preconceived notions on what the the story would be like. You can never go wrong with J Scott Bennett! Highly recommended

  5. Lori Dykes

    A wonderful story of a young woman, Greta, marrying into a family her mother works for as a maid. She had always had a crush on Adam, one of their sons, but he was never there, off to sea with their shipping business. His brother Seth fell in love with Greta, and she agrees to marry him. Unfortunately on their wedding night, he has a breathing attack and passes away.
    She is truly heartbroken, but then finds she is with child and the parents send for Adam and he agrees for Greta to become his proxy bride.
    The only problem is he does not come home right away. It is actually several years and Greta is determined to take her child and start a life of her own and hopefully marry. But then Adam does come home…
    A journey to find happiness with the enthralling story by Barbara Goss, who always grabs me from the beginning, and with the awesome voice of J Scott Bennett, it does not get much better.. I could listen to him narrate for hours and with Barbara’s writing, life is good.

  6. Shirley Forrest Nomakeo

    A Proxy With Moxie
    I received a free copy of this audiobook from AudiobooksUnleashed in exchange for an honest review.
    Greta married the brother of her childhood fantasy. His ill health led to a short marriage. Greta found herself with child and agreed to a proxy marriage to his unattainable brother, Adam. Determined to marry for love, Greta seeks to annul the marriage forced on her by her in-laws and their reluctant son whose first love was the sea. From Fort Worth to Liverpool her willingness to see it through proved her character and desire to find a loving environment for her young daughter. I loved the adventure and the love story that endured. The narration was excellent. I look forward to more from this author.

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