Second Chances (A Coming Home Short Story Book 1)

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Quick listen while you’re waiting for…kids, spouse, practice to end, lunch to be over, or even great for short road trips.

Fourteen years ago, Lorelei Parker fell in love with her best friend, Cole Williams, but instead of forever, she ended up with a broken heart. Now, if they can put their past behind them, Lorelei and Cole may find a second chance.

1 review for Second Chances (A Coming Home Short Story Book 1)

  1. Patricia Reichardt

    I like short books in between my long listens, and this was the perfect length. The character development was good, the story of Lorelei and Cole’s history was explained and their chemistry was very apparent. I loved the way that Cole’s passion for football was integrated into the Lor’s gameday challenge. Though I would have like the book to be a little longer and go into a few more memories and exploration of their new life, I would definitely recommend this book.

    Suzanne Barbetta did a wonderful job with the narration.

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