Wild Mountain Desire

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Shawna Lang returns to the enchanting mountains of Asheville. Away from Asheville for nearly 20 years, Shawna starts out on her trip with a deep longing for romance and adventure. Though coming back gives her heart an intoxicating excitement she’d longed to experience, the danger linked with her return may bring her a perilous adventure that she couldn’t expect.

Upon meeting the handsome Gerard Rutherford, Shawna is thrust into a whirlwind of excitement as an enthralling mystery begins to unfurl around her. Shawna must take caution, for there are those around her whose dark secrets have the potential to cause her certain harm. And only when she comes face-to-face with the true nemesis will the dark secrets be revealed. Shawna may find the perilous adventure she’d wished for – one that she may never escape.

3 reviews for Wild Mountain Desire

  1. Jocelyne

    Shawna and Gerard’s short story is intriguing, filled with secrets, twists and turns, and suspense. Shawna is a beautiful woman, strong, caring, and supportive. Gerard is an intriguing, and handsome man. They share an instant attraction, and a strong chemistry. The storyline is well written, and the mystery unfold at a geat pace. The secondary characters are interesting, and they have an important part in this story. The story is told with multiple POV, which is great. The story has a satisfying ending. Ashley Taylor has a beautiful voice, and she did a great job with the narration. The characters were easy to distinguish, and the story was easy to follow. Looking forward for more books written by Maura Burd, and narrated by Ashley Taylor. This is a great romantic suspense, and I enjoyed it.

  2. Patricia Reichardt

    Shawna goes to visit her childhood friend Bev. But this visit is nothing as she expects it! Bev is not home, but Shawna is allowed to stay with the live in help. She meets Bev’s brother Gerard who in not allowed at the house, and a mystery unravels. Not only do we have a romance between Gerard and Bev, but there is a story of deceit, lies and murder. It is not what I was expecting at all, and I love that! Maura Burd craftily wove it all together with surprising suspects, interesting characters and burning love story. It’s exciting, thrilling and steamy! I love being kept on the edge til the very end. A big surprise!

    Ashley Taylor’s talent gives this story the edge. She uses her voices to add the element of suspense with the inflections of her voice, but more importantly, she had a way of using her acting ability to keep me guessing. Narration is tough since we can’t see who the suspects are, and she was able to keep me wondering the entire time. I love her male and female voices, seamless transitions and all around pacing. A great performance.

  3. MaryLou Hoffman

    WILD MOUNTAIN DESIRE is a romantic suspense full of secrets, twists, turns, and instant chemistry.

    Oh my! The last twist was definitely not expected, but I loved it!

    Narration: Ashley Taylor has a sweet voice and did a beautiful job with the narration. I loved how well she distinguished the different characters. She made it easy to visualize the scenes.

    Note: While I received this book as a gifted audiobook copy via Audiobooks Unleashed, my opinions are my own and are given freely.

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    Category /Genre: Romantic Suspense
    Recommended for: 18+ due to sexual content
    Listenability: NSFW
    Received from: Maura Burd (as an Audible gifted copy)

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