The Prince’s Baby

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She’s carrying a secret more precious than gold.


The Prince’s baby is kicking in my belly, but as much as I love the man, I don’t dare let him know.

When I met the Crown Prince Sebastian, he swept me off my feet with his irresistible charm and gorgeous green eyes. Not to mention those broad, sexy shoulders that would one day carry the needs of an entire country upon them.

But a powerful enemy of the crown conspires to keep us apart, and to ensure the prince’s reputation, I’m forced to abandon the only man I’ve ever loved.

When I look into my baby’s eyes, I see his father, and I can’t help but fall in love with the man all over again.


As soon as she won our first verbal sparring match, I knew Allison was the woman for me.

Being a prince, it was rare for someone to stand up to me. But Allison was different. She was strong and intelligent as she was beautiful. I knew I had to make her mine.

We were so happy, but now that she’s disappeared, I’ll use all my resources to find her and bring her back where she belongs. 

If you like secret baby stories, you’ll love this book.

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1 review for The Prince’s Baby

  1. Patricia Reichardt

    Sebastian is soon to be the King and if his father has anything to do with it, his bride will be chosen for him. But he does find his soulmate, when she stands up to him at a conference in Wyvernbank. Alison is his equal in so many ways, and they are immediately attracted to each other. It’s that push pull effect that makes their meeting so genuine. Now pregnant with his child and in hiding, she does what she can to remain under his radar. But why? And what will happen when his finds her? Sebastian is a swooney prince, very accommodating and you can’t help but love him(well, there are a few scenes he was not so lovable). Alison is a strong willed, woman, but I for the life of me wanted to shake her a couple of times! I think that is what makes this book good. I was invested in the characters as they found their happiness. It’s an emotional ride, a few bumps and curves, but the story is beautiful. I have to make a shout out to Klaus, her assistant whom I loved. What a character!

    Holly Holt has a fantastic voice and I loved her narration of this. She found that dignitary sound, with a great accent and made Sebastian come alive. Each voice is specific and easy to hear and she made the story flow. A great performance for my ears!

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