Justice for Elsie

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Elsie Fin is hell-bent on revenge against her father’s murderer. She develops a successful cattle-rustling operation as payback, but is soon in over her head. That’s when she decides she needs a good husband, a man strong enough to take control and loyal enough to protect her from the law, so she places a mail-order groom advertisement in the paper.

While Elsie seeks her groom, she hires Wyatt Parker to help her around the ranch. Little does she know, he’s actually an undercover deputy tasked with gaining her trust and verifying the marshal’s suspicion of her theft.

Wyatt never imagined a beautiful, sweet woman like Elsie would be the mastermind behind such a serious illegal activity. Soon his loyalties are split between the law and a woman whose kindness and vulnerability bring out powerful feelings of tenderness in him.

Compelled to protect the wayward woman, Wyatt makes covert plans to rescue her, reasoning that Elsie is more in need of a spanking than life in prison. But will she end up behind bars or married to her mail-order groom before Wyatt can reveal his feelings for her and carry out his plan to save her?

Warning: Justice for Elsie is a historical western romance containing sexual scenes and domestic discipline, including punishment spanking. If these themes offend you, please don’t listen to this audiobook.

1 review for Justice for Elsie

  1. Patricia Reichardt

    There is never a dull moment in an Amelia Smarts book! I don’t know where the ideas come from, but this historical western, with a woman in charge of a ranch is a pleasure to listen to. The heroine Elsie Fin, at the young age of 18, comes up with a vengeful plan to rustle cows from the one man that she feels killed her father. Mark Xavier’s actions put Elsie’s farm at risk, and now she plans on getting some compensation. She decides it’s time to settle down, and puts in an ad for a mail-order groom. In the mean time, Wyatt Parker comes to her ranch and she hires him to help around the homestead. Their attraction to each other is apparent, but she doesn’t know his real purpose for being there. The questions at this point is will their relationship bloom, will she land in jail for stealing the cattle and what will become of the groom she has chosen? So much going on, the listen is quick and satisfying. Smarts has a way of writing her characters with spunky personality and perseverance as well as sizzling chemistry, it’s hard to put the book down! And Wyatt’s way of keeping Elsie in line…hot…

    Logan McAllister narrates this book with an ease and comfort that draws you right back to the time period. He gives Wyatt that alpha male voice to make you melt and the tenacity that Elsie needs to keep herself believable in a man’s world. Great storytelling!

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