Shattered Obsession: A Dark Captive Romance (Dark Obsession Book 3)

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The Dark Obsession trilogy concludes with Shattered Obsession.

False leads and dead ends are taking Camilla farther away from me.

The longer she’s with Adrien, the more damage he will do.

I have to get her back, no matter the cost.

He may share my face, but when I find Adrien, I won’t hesitate to end this.


1 review for Shattered Obsession: A Dark Captive Romance (Dark Obsession Book 3)

  1. Patricia Reichardt

    I was waiting to see how this was going to end, but all I can say is WOW! Once Adrien got Camilla in his clutches, he became completely unglued. Used to getting everything he wanted, this challenge left him obsessed with keeping Camilla as his own. Little did he know how hard Samuel would search to find her. This story was intense, passionate, gut wrenching and just all around fantastic romantic suspense. I loved all the characters, especially Camilla.She proves to be a worthy opponent, smart, cunning and willing to play to get what she wants. Adrien I loved to hate and Samuel was almost too good to be true. It’s a love triangle that I became obsessed with.And let’s not forget Brianna! What a turnaround! So glad I came along for the ride!

    Amber Bray finishes out the trilogy with her incredible narration. Full of the emotions, she takes us in the devilish mind of Adrien and the fast thinking of Camilla just with her emphasis on their voices.She brings the panic into Samuel and we get to feel it all with her ability to give the perfect inflections, each character with their own voice. I loved it!

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