The Heart of a Hero

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After a botched raid in Afghanistan, ex-army specialist Michel Deverroux returned to Galveston, Texas, with more baggage than intended. Without family, friends, or money, Michel turned to drugs to relieve the horrors of war. He knew it was a dark path, but he saw no other choice. Michel was awash in a world of numbness and addiction until his estranged uncle Andy died, leaving Michel a rundown beach front home and a hefty inheritance.

With something to finally call his own in the world, a spark of hope returns to Michel’s life – a spark that is ignited when he sees a somber yet beautiful woman walking along the beach. Michel falls instantly in love with her and nicknames her his “Mermaid”. Now, determined to be a man that his new love would want to be with, Michel vows to turn his life around and win over his “Mermaid”, Annabelle. Overcoming the shadows of his past seems nearly impossible, but the drive to have Annabelle gives Michel the motivation to overcome his demons.

2 reviews for The Heart of a Hero

  1. Rebecca Webeck

    The story has a really good Foundation and I probably would have given it 5 stars if it was a bit longer and not rush threw the last 3/4 of the book.
    D.C. Cole did a good job. His voice draws you in right away, I felt like he started to read faster as the book was ending, that’s the only reason I didn’t give him 5 stars.

  2. Patricia Reichardt

    I have a soft spot for war hero stories. This story starts out in Afghanistan with Michel seeing his best friend killed. Once coming home, he needs to learn to cope with what he has seen and his PTSD.This disorder has to be one of the hardest for me to read about, it is so horrible hearing what the cause is. Michel is dealing with his own demons, and I found in this story, that the process was somewhat simplified. He is a strong man, but overcomes a lot of his issues a little to easily and quickly for me to find believable, but that did not take away from the premise of the story. Annabelle, the woman walking the beach each day, has her own fears to overcome. When these two meet, it is magic and the healing process for both begins. There were a lot of fun things that happen among the issues that are faced, love the French based names, especially for Armand the kitten, he stole my heart!

    DC Cole contributes a performance that is emotional from the start. He voiced the feelings Michel had from the beginning of what he experienced all the way to falling in love with Annabelle. This one is different than the previous narrations I have heard, he had a calming effect throughout the book which is what Annabelle required from Michel. Definitely a good listen.

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