The Scarlet Wedding

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Will there be a happily ever after?

William wanted nothing more than to marry Emma, but shortly after his proposal, his past comes back to haunt him. Unable to leave men in danger, William mounts up and rides again. Will he be able to fulfill his duty and get back to Emma?

Emma had no doubts when she said yes to William’s proposal, but then things began happening to delay the wedding. When her sister gets sick, she wonders if these signs are God’s way of telling her she shouldn’t marry William.

Will the two find their happily every after or will events out of their control tear them apart?

3 reviews for The Scarlet Wedding

  1. J. Hart

    Newly engaged William and Emma are preparing for their wedding when life starts putting up obstacles. William puts his life in potential danger to save his family and Emma’s sister becomes very ill. Can the two get through their trials by leaning on the families, each other and God?

    This was a heartwarming story of faith, family and and community, it held a little mystery and suspense in a western setting. I am a fan of Ms. Hoopes ‘ modern day romances and I enjoyed this historical western. I am not usually a fan of male narrators for romance, but Ted Doolittle did an excellent job and I would definitely listen to other stories narrated by him.

  2. Patricia Reichardt

    I always love to listen to Lorana Hoopes books. I know I will find a good story, a good message and will be feeling happy when I am finished. This is her first historical romance and I loved it! William and Emma’s story is sweet and fun. These two are going to get married, but there seem to be obstacles being thrown in their way! William is called away to a dangerous situation which is making Emma very uneasy, and now there is another potential problem! Will this couple find their way to their happiness? Give it a listen! The characters are wonderful and we get a glimpse of what is up and coming! Narrated by Ted Doolittle, he gives us that feeling of the old west.

  3. Cindy Nipper

    What a whirlwind of tragedy these two face! Unlike most romance books, these two are already a couple when this book begins, but this story is all about getting them to the alter! A nice short read packed with a strong Christian theme!

    Very good narration.

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