Saved by Grace

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Cody couldn’t be more opposite from Natalie.

When Natalie arrives in Belle Fourche with her ailing father and three wayward brothers, she’s forced to throw herself upon the mercy of her only remaining family – the Olesons – at the Broken Circle O. While her father rests, Natalie is excited to meet an ornery man with deep, gray eyes, and a missing leg. She’s certain that if he’ll agree to let her father fashion a prosthetic limb for him, the familiar work will help her father recuperate. But getting Cody Hammond to agree to anything proves more difficult than she first imagined. Will she be able to win him over before it’s too late for her father?

A chip on his shoulder isn’t easy to bear.

Cody Hammond lives a quiet, ordered life, until one day an unfamiliar woman rushes into the bank where he works and threatens to disrupt everything. The more Natalie pushes her way into Cody’s life, the more she makes him think about a past he’s worked hard to forget. He’s determined to keep her away, but even his best isn’t enough to scare off the enigmatic and beautiful Natalie. 

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1 review for Saved by Grace

  1. Patricia Reichardt

    There are authors I turn to that reset my mind, and Kari Trumbo is one of them. She always writes a beautiful story, and Saved by Grace is wonderful. Grace, her father and brothers come to Belle Fourche to mend a rift with her uncle. Her father is ill, and he is hoping to find a place where his children can flourish. Grace meets Cody, a disgruntled, unhappy man from England who has lost part of his leg. With her skills in prosthetic building, she is immediately drawn to help him. But is it just his leg she wants to help his with? Trumbo continues to let us join in the community at Belle Fourche, know it’s people and feel comfort and love. Her characters of Grace and Cody have so many traits we all deal with. Grace is loving, responsible and trying to find her place in a new situation. Cody is cranky, frustrated and unwilling to bend. Together, will they find their new normal? Love this addition to the series, loved that Grace was persistent and did the job a man would normally do, and loved their growing faith.

    J Scott Bennett continues to bring this series to life with his comforting narration. He has a calming effect when he tells a story, brings each character their own nature and lets us live it right along with them. He is the perfect fit for this series, and I have enjoyed each one of his performances.

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