For the Love of Laura Beth

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The Korean War destroyed their plans, but the battle at home may shatter their hearts….

Laura Beth Walters fell in love with Joe McCall when she was six years old. Now, she is counting the days until Joey graduates from college so they can marry and begin their life together. But the Korean War rips their neatly laid plans to shreds. Instead of a college fraternity, Joey joins a platoon. Laura Beth trades a traditional wedding for a quick trip to the courthouse.

The couple endures the hardship of separation, but the true battle is faced when Joey returns from the war. Their marriage is soon tested beyond endurance. Laura must find a way to accept the tragedy thrown in their path or lose the love that has kept them anchored for so long. 

With a determination that only comes from the heart, Joe relentlessly fights an invisible enemy…for the love of Laura Beth.

2 reviews for For the Love of Laura Beth

  1. Patricia Reichardt

    I am in awe of Aubrey Wynne’s writing, and this story really struck a nerve with me. It’s full of true life turmoil and a love so strong, it transcends time. Laura Beth and Joe have been in love forever. Looking forward to their impending marriage, obstacles continue to obstruct their path to happiness. Now drafted into the Korean War, the two decide to get married before Joe’s deployment, and Laura Beth is now having their first child. Their love is so strong, and with the return of Joe, they begin their life together. But true to real circumstances, things do not always go as expected. Their daughter has a rare disease, Laura Beth is expecting their second child and Joe is experiencing PTSD. Does this family ever get the break they deserve? It’s heart wrenching, it’s passionate, it’s tear jerking and full of love. I could feel the pain these two went through, the family regrets and the fear of loving a new. I have not been moved by a book like this in quite a while and really loved it. Sara K Sheckells does an amazing job with this story. Her voice pulls every emotion into it, taking you right into Laura Beth’s and Joe’s world. You can feel their excitement and grief and most of all their love. It’s a wonderful narration.

  2. Faith

    You need to have a strong heart to read this one. There is so much love and so much tragedy; there is so much happiness and so much sorrow. But that is what life is all about for most people. This book brought me to tears and made me smile. It is also an illustration of how faith and trust in the Lord is the only way to have the strength to deal with life. Be prepared for a wonderful journey.

    The narration by Sara K. Sheckells was very good.

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