Corralling Callie

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For 18-year-old orphan Callie Broderick, going west as a mail-order bride seems to be the only hope she has for a decent husband. But when she sets out for the gold-mining town of Sacramento with nothing more than the clothes on her back and a stagecoach ticket, she quickly discovers that the trip will be quite a bit different than she expected.

3 reviews for Corralling Callie

  1. Patricia Reichardt

    This book from the start was so good, I couldn’t stop listening. Amelia Smarts can take a naive girl and a dominant man can create the hottest stories while keeping the storyline enjoyable and believable. Callie, an 18 year old orphan has been corresponding with her soon to be husband and has to get to Sacremento to marry him. Jude, a coach driver, is convinced to take her on his wagon while he is making the trip. Through her naïveté, spunk and bravery, she creates all kinds of havoc during this trip while trying to keep his paying customers happy. Her misbehaving results in blistering spankings and Jude’s feelings developing to love. The slow burn between these two is hot it has to end once Callie reaches her fiancé. Or does it?

    Gideon Welles has an incredibly low voice, that rasps perfectly for an old west character. His portrayal of this book is nothing less than perfection.

  2. Marybeth Renn

    I really enjoyed this narration. Gideon Welles is the perfect choice!!! His gravelly voice makes me really feel Jude. I loved it!!

  3. Coolestmommy R

    Callie is quite a spitfire for a mail-order bride. I loved listening to her story and watching sparks fly. A fun story that will keep you wanting to hear more. Enjoyable all around.

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