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I might live in a mansion in South Florida, but my daddy was a biker, and I was definitely daddy’s girl. When I found out my mom and stepdad had something horrible planned for me, I ran. Straight to the Dixie Reapers – the only place I’d ever thought of as home – but it wasn’t my daddy’s arms I ended up in.

Venom is dark and seductive, the type of man who doesn’t take shit from anyone. Despite his hard exterior, being with him makes me feel safe, and his kisses make me ache for so much more. 

I’ve never been with a man before, but even as inexperienced as I am, I know that being with Venom will ruin me for anyone else, and I don’t care. I want him – all of him – and damn the consequences.


I hadn’t risen to the rank of VP of the Dixie Reapers MC without getting my hands dirty. I’d been deep in blood and dirty money for over 20 years, and could have any pussy I wanted, whenever I wanted, and how the fuck ever I wanted.

But when an angel I hadn’t seen in 14 years came back into my life, all it took was one look in her eyes, and I was a goner. As a kid, Ridley had been this little blonde cherub who lit up the place. Now, she’s older, has curves in all the right f–king places, and damn if I don’t want her.

The fact she was the 19-year-old daughter of a patched member meant I needed to keep my hands to myself, and I might have, if she hadn’t begged me so sweetly.

Now, she’s mine, and I’ll do anything to keep her safe, even if it means starting a war.

2 reviews for Venom

  1. Brooke Ehly

    Holy hotness! There are so many steamy scenes that you will have to fan yourself while reading. On top of that, you have a really good story to follow. I enjoyed all of these characters and am looking forward to the next couple.

  2. Patricia Reichardt

    Dixie Reapers MC, Book 1
    By: Harley Wylde
    Narrated by: Ada Sinclair

    What do you do when you find out your mother and stepdad are sending you into the worst situation that there could ever be? You run as fast as you can to your father, which is exactly what Ridley does. Protected by his motorcycle club, Dixie Reapers, she finds herself in the company of Venom. These two have had a connection since Ridley was little and now when she needs him most, he is there to keep her safe. But what happens when trouble comes to them? This is my first Harley Wylde book, and I love her style. She writes not only steamy stories, with an abundance of chemistry, but she is no nonsense! When it comes to taking care of business, it’s done! Loved this story, the slight taboo, and will be watching for the next audio release!

    Ada Sinclair nails this narration. She does a fantastic job with the voices, each easy to distinguish. I loved her voice for Venom, a little gritty giving him an edge. She is new to me, and I will be watching for more from her.

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