What Would It Take

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The first time I saw Saxton Crawford we were in high school. He was the football star and I was just another invisible teenage girl. Now, he is a famous quarterback and the bane of my existence. And by bane, I mean his presence has brought back 10 years of secrets. Ones I’d thought I’d dealt with.

The minute he walks back into my life I become that bumbling teenage girl all over again. I’m not having it! Even if the quarterback only has eyes for me. He’s irresistible, too handsome for his own good, cocky, and carrying baggage no one wants.

Saxton Crawford has spent years trying to find his mystery girl. Turns out, I’m that girl. I guess I wasn’t invisible after all. Bam! Happily ever after right? Nope, not for me. Not with his demons and mine. It’s going to take every ounce of my will power to resist him.

So, what would it take to get him to leave me alone? Do I want that? Maybe I should be asking myself…”What would it take to win his heart?”

9 reviews for What Would It Take

  1. Patricia Reichardt

    I love it when a book has characters that I can relate to. This is my first EL Dubois story and she pulled me in from the start! Sailor is a girl the invisible girl in high school that has the crush on the popular boy, in this case Saxton. Thinking your invisible and actually being under the radar are two different things though as we all know. Years later, the two are thrown together when Saxton is in need of public relations coverage, and Sailor is the woman to do it. Now matured and more confident, she is ready to take on life. But does that include Sax? This second chance at love is a sweet story with a suspenseful twist. I love Sailor. Her personality is one easily related to, just trying to get by and move on with life. I love her tenacity and how she has gotten to know herself. Sax is a great book boyfriend. He is sweet, protective and attentive. Their chemistry is strong and I love how their relationship progresses. The twist in this is not necessarily surprising to me, but I love how it all played out. The strong survived and it was a very satisfying ending! I really enjoyed this story!

    A story like this needs a narrator that can provide a younger version of characters and show the maturity as they grow. I love Sarah Sampino, and she gives us that in this story. I love how she can take Sailor from the teenage girl to the adult. With her voice, you can hear how she has matured, gained confidence and grown! I also love her flawless ability to go between characters and her male voices are wonderful. She nails this narration!

  2. JoAnn Thompson

    Great Story! I absolutely loved this wonderful romance story. Saxton could be every woman’s book boyfriend!! There’s quite a bit of suspense as you listen along—you’ll be wondering where and when Saxton’s ex will pop up and strike next. Sarah Sampino, the narrator of this story, did an excellent performance! I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

  3. Nix Hardy

    wow this book had it all , hot sexy quarterback , strong independent women and an evil ex who literally wont stop at anything to get what’s hers , I loved how well this story line worked it was engaging and fast paced but u didn’t feel like u were missing anything and the narration was second to none ! I highly recommend this audiobook

  4. Bette

    Sailor💘Saxton! Great Story! Great Audible Listen🎧

    What Would It Take
    By: EL Dubois
    Narrated by: Sarah Sampino

    This is my first E.L. Dubois book and it will not be my last. I adored the story, it grabbed my attention right away and held it to the very end. The storylines and characters are interesting and well developed. I loved the two leads and the chemistry between them. Sailor had a crush on Saxton in H.S but she was invisible to him, she asked herself “What would it take for him to just notice me”. Little does she know their only true encounter left Saxton wanting to know more about her, but she disappeared and she became his mystery girl. Fast Forward 10 years Sailor has excelled in her career in publicity working for a sports team. The same sports team Saxton gets traded to. I really liked that Saxton’s fame did not go to his head and he is still the likable guy Sailor encountered in that HS. school hallway. Unfortunately his bully ex-girlfriend did change for the worse and she comes to town to create havoc for all. Saxon learns of how evil his ex was back then and how he treated Sailor. He pursues Sailor but can he get thru the barriers she has around her heart can he win her over. Will Sailor finally get the boy she crushed on all those years ago, will she allow herself to? This book may be on the short side but E.L Dubois fit a lot of story in to it. There is plenty of drama, twists and sweet romance. There are some great secondary characters too, loved how protective Sailors friends were. Loved the ending too. Thanks for this great story!

    I listened to the Audible edition, Sarah Sampino is an awesome narrator and voice performer. She performs the voices of all the characters gives them heart and personality as well as their own distinct voice. She switches characters effortlessly and keeps the story in a flawless flow and adds the right amount of dramatic flair to enhance the story. Sarah is an entertaining storyteller and a pleasure to listen to. Thank you for another great listen🎧

  5. Rellim

    This is my first book by EL DuBois and I’m looking forward to more. She managed to introduce a solid cast of characters, develop a romance between Saxton & Saylor, and even incorporate some suspense/thriller elements. While this is a sports romance, this will be best enjoyed by those who prefer Football be a minor part of the story. I hope that this is kicking off a series because I’d love to hear more about the secondary characters.

    I loved Sarah Sampino in this. Set in Austin, Texas – she provides all the characters with a subtle Southern accent that compliments the story without overpowering it. I also liked that she used a lower register when reading the chapters that were from Saxton’s POV. All the characters had unique voices and inflections that made it really easy to always tell who was speaking.

  6. Jocelyne

    This was my first EL DuBois’s book, and won’t be the last. Saxton and Sailor’s sweet short story has it all! Funny, Suspenseful, and Romantic. Sarah Sampino did an amazing job with the narration, and the sound quality is great. I enjoyed it, and I HIGHLY recommend it! Looking forward to listen to the next book in the Series!

  7. Halima Salami

    EL DuBois did really good with this one, and should really pat herself on the back for this success. This book was ridiculously sweet and romantic and had me smiling like an idiot the entire time, because of how happy it made me. Not only did EL DuBois have a really good story on her hands, but she really did the insta-love thing justice and it made the whole thing way better.

    Sarah Sampino was an excellent choice of narrator for this book. Her calm voice and stupendous country accent really made this whole experience enjoyable, because you can’t truly enjoy an audiobook without a good narrator. Sarah Sampino did an amazing job differentiating between characters and really put me at ease while reading. I recommend that you buy this book because it’s one of those that you’ll totally regret never reading/listening to.

  8. Tera Comer

    This is a great short story by a simi new author to me. I loved the second chance for a first romance part of the book and how well Saxton and Sailor’s chemistry flowed. As usual this narrator does a wonderful job, just like the rest of her work

  9. Rebecca Gutknecht

    I could not stop listening to this audiobook! EL Dubois did a great job writing this one! the storyline draws you and is so relatable that you feel as if you really are the main character in this story. The narration by Sarah Sampino is top notch. Between the narration and the storyline you are left with a hot funny book that is easy to get lost in.

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