Tamed On The Ranch

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After she takes a job at the Crooked Creek ranch, Melody Jackson quickly hits it off with handsome cowboy Luc Girard, and it isn’t long before she is begging shamefully for more as the ridiculously sexy rodeo champion gives her the ride of her life. But Luc is the kind of man who expects to be obeyed, and when Melody’s disregard for his instructions puts her in danger, she soon learns the hard way that he will not hesitate to punish her bare bottom both inside and out.

Luc’s stern correction leaves Melody blushing crimson yet deeply aroused, and her need for him only increases as he claims her ever more thoroughly over the coming weeks. But when she is finally forced to reveal the secret she has been keeping from her employers, will Melody end up losing not only her job but also the man who has both mastered her body and tamed her heart?

Publisher’s Note: Tamed on the Ranch is a stand-alone sequel to Taming His Cowgirl. It includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this audiobook.

8 reviews for Tamed On The Ranch

  1. Brooke Ehly

    A great addition to this group. I love these two and their strong wills that collide at times. The scenes are super hot! What a love story to be read!

    You can find this review as well as my others on my audible listener page.

  2. Bette

    Terrific Story & Narration🎧4.5🔥Steamy🔥Stars🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

    Tamed on the Ranch
    By: Delta James
    Narrated by: Jack Calihan
    Series: Taming His Cowgirl, Book 2

    I enjoyed this book from start to end. Delta James has a wonderful writing style, she captivates her readers with interesting storylines and characters who are nice developed. This is a sequel to “Taming His Cowgirl” which I loved and while you do not need to read or listen to that one to enjoy “Tamed on the Ranch” I highly recommend that you do, it is Ryder and Sierra’s story and an introduction to life on the ranch. Their plans to expand takes off in this book. Ryder has history with Luc, worked with him before and brought him on to the ranch to help run it. Melody Jackson was in a bad relationship and saw an opportunity for a job on the Crooked Creek ranch, working with Sierra as they expand on the business to hold events such as weddings. Melody hits it off with Sierra and she is happy to take the job. She mets Luc and the two find they have great chemistry together. Luc is an alpha male and he shows her how she should be loved and how D/s and discipline really works. Her ex treated her so badly so she was hesitant at first, but he knew what she needed. I liked how everything played out, there was drama, angst, some hot kink and a build-up to a great romance. Thank you Delta James for another great story.

    I listened to the Audible edition, narrated by the talented Jack Calihan. He is a versatile voice performer who brings these characters to life, gives each their own distinct voice and personality. I loved how he portrayed these characters, how he made Luc, made sound like the alpha Dom that he was, loved the accent he gave him too. He does a great job with the female voices too, his Melody sounded sweet. Jack Calihan is an entertaining storyteller and a pleasure to listen to. You can hear how much heart he puts into his work. Thank you for another great listen 🎧

  3. Marybeth Renn

    This story by Delta James is amazing. Her characters jump off the page to the reader. Jack Calihan is a wonderful narrator. I love him for this book!

  4. Patricia Reichardt

    Delta James does it again, this time making me fall for the French horse trainer! Melody is running away from an abusive relationship. She finds a home at Crooked Creek Ranch, immediately melding into the family of Ryder and Sierra. With this comes a handsome, strong horse trainer with a French accent! Luc Girard is suave, protective and dominant. Melody is attracted to him, but there is some hesitation. She is hiding a secret, but will he be able to get it out of her? I enjoyed this story. It has spice, and passion as well as some fun life as found on a ranch. Luc is tough character, knows what he wants and is not afraid to go after it. Melody was a little tougher for me to like. She has a past, and her secret was not as relationship dependent as I anticipated! A little bit of a let down, but the couple themselves are fun and frisky. I also love seeing Ryder and Sierra again, always fun to check in with old friends.

    The best part of this story is the narration for me. Jack Calihan nails this one with a variety of voices. He has a deep, rich inflection in his voice that is alluring and keeps Luc’s character very possessive. He easily steps into women’s voices and gives us a consistency from book 1 with Ryder and Sierra, so it’s like coming home. Loved his performance.

  5. Kimberly Howe

    I thought that overall this was a great book. Luc and Melody had great chemistry. The story had flow and the characters really connected. Sierra and Melody has that instant connection and bond and you felt it throughout the story. You actually knew that they were going to get into some sort of mischief. Loved the narrator and the sexy voice! It really brought something to the table. Totally recommend the audible listen if you want something sexy to hear!! Good book!

  6. Christi Fowler

    Title: Tamed on the Ranch
    Author: Delta James
    Format: Audio
    Format: Jack Calihan
    Genre: Romance – Western, BDSM
    Standalone: Yes
    Part of a Series: Takes place in the same world as Taming His Cowgirl
    POV: Luc and Melody
    Steam Level: Kindle-melting

    I’ve listened to/read to several Delta James’s stories. All have the same theme but all are so hot. I loved revisiting Sierra and Ryder and Tamed on the Ranch was a fun story. I found myself giggling with Melody and Sierra’s antics. I also loved the friendship between Luc and Ryder and their loving exasperations with Melody and Sierra. If you’re looking for a sexy, hot western romance with dominant men and spirited women then pick up Tamed on the Ranch. It was a fiery good time.

    I recieved this book for free from Audio

  7. Debra Sadauskas

    Tamed on the Ranch by Delta James : This is Luc and Melody’s story. Its a good very creatively written story I enjoyed having Sierra and Ryder in it. This listen was narrated very well. Delta James writes some enjoyable stories.

    I requested and received this audiobook from ” Audiobooks Unleashed” and I I voluntarily leave this review.

  8. JM I

    Jack Calihan did a good job with the narration. I feel like any time a narrator can voice the character of the opposite sex and I can forget it is one person doing the narration, he/she has done well. As far as the French Canadian accent goes, I’m have not heard one frequently enough to be either complimentary or critical.

    I have read the ebook of this story before, so I will post my review of the story below.

    The beginning of the book, laying out Luc’s past and how he ended up on Cross Creek ranch was interesting.

    I was surprised that Melody submitted to Luc’s dominance so quickly after what she went through with Jason. Maybe because she became fast friends with Sierra, it was easier for her to trust Luc.

    After being on the ranch for a while, with Ryder, Sierra, and Luc all wondering what Melody was hiding, I was surprised when she revealed her secret. I honestly thought it was going to be something a bit more relevant.

    You do get romance, witty banter, friendship, support, loyalty, and a HEA. If a ton of descriptive sex, spanking, dominance, or submission offend you, then this is not the book for you.

    I voluntarily listened to and reviewed this book.

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