The Sincere Billionaire’s Forever Love


He’s trying to outrun the past. She’s racing toward the future. Too bad they’re going in opposite directions.

Billionaire race car driver Raul De Luca spent the last decade dealing with guilt from his father’s untimely death. Convinced that fatherhood would only remind him of inescapable pain, he lives life in the fast lane, burying old desires of becoming a family man deep inside. Now that he’s met the woman of his dreams, he can’t wait to marry her and live his jet-setting lifestyle with her by his side.

School principal Marie Maranzano doesn’t need a lot out of life, but motherhood definitely tops her list. When a fairy-tale romance with a famous billionaire starts to get serious, it’s time to bring him home to meet the family and start planning for the future. When she receives a call to take in a foster child, she jumps at the opportunity, convinced that her big-hearted boyfriend will be just as thrilled about it as she is.

When two competing visions of the future collide, Raul has to find a way to break free from the past or risk losing his love, forever.


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