When Questions Abound

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What do you do when everything you learn just creates more questions?

Detective Jordan Graves is one of the first reponders on the scene of a horrific accident, but his gut tells him it wasn’t just an accident. When the victim wakes up with no memory, will he be able to put the clues together to find out who’s after her or will he always remain one step behind?

This story is a companion to Lost Memories and New Beginnings. It is the same story line told from Detective Jordan Graves’ point of view instead of the victim and her doctor. Read it as a standalone story or read it along with Lost Memories to get the full story.

1 review for When Questions Abound

  1. Patricia Reichardt

    There is nothing better than listening to a book, then getting to hear it from another point of view. This is the companion story to Lost Memories and New Beginnings, and adds a whole new layer to the story. Jordan Graves is one of the first on the scene of an accident. The woman is taken to the hospital, but Jordan is feeling there is more to this than just an accident. Normally points of view between couples is given in today’s contemporary style of writing, but I am loving this third party look at the story from the detective point of view. It lets us in on how Jordan dealt with Tia’s memory loss and how he flushed out the suspects. It’s a whole new perspective looking in and I love it! Narrated by Loranna Hoopes, she gives it to us exactly as she wants us to hear it. It’s a treat to have an author talented enough to narrate and give the expressions the way she intended. This is a great story and it really adds to the original.

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