Shining Pearls: A small-town Maine romance series

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He moved on from heartbreak in the only way he knew how. She trusted him with her heart, mind, body, and soul. When secrets from the past resurface, life as they know it will be destroyed.

Josie Michaels loves single-father Alex and his adorable daughter, Hannah. She completes their family in ways the heartbroken duo could never have imagined.

Alex Biggs needs solace from the torturous pain of his wife, Claire’s, disappearance. He finds sweet relief in the arms of kindhearted, beautiful Josie.

When the truth about Claire’s disappearance surfaces, the secluded bubble of happiness Josie and Alex have forged implodes.

Will these lovable characters find a way to heal and move on from tragedy, or has their path to happiness been crushed beyond repair? Find out now in Shining Pearls.

While this book can be listened to as a stand-alone novel, the author suggests listening to Shattered Diamonds (book one) first for the ultimate listener experience. These exciting contemporary romance novels have been known to make listeners desperate to binge the next book in this addictive series. You’ve been warned!

2 reviews for Shining Pearls: A small-town Maine romance series

  1. JoAnn Thompson

    Suspenseful! I enjoyed listening to this continuing story in the Brunswick Bay Harbor Gems series and highly recommend it to lovers of modern romance–be sure to start of with Book 1 in this series, though! I found that I wanted to listen to this story non-stop as the suspense didn’t allow me to pause my listening device even for a moment. I thoroughly enjoyed the author’s narration of the story as she brought each of the characters to life. As I listened to the story, I decided I had absolutely no sympathy for Claire, Alex’s “missing” wife and Alex was no better in his abysmal treatment of Josie after Claire popped up out of the blue—especially after all Josie did for Alex and his daughter. I’m still not a fan of Dean, either…he just seems a bit too creepy for my tastes. Even with all the heartache this book generated for me, I’m anxiously awaiting Book 3 in this series to find out what happens next…especially in light of the cliffhanger ending!

  2. Patricia Reichardt

    This series has me on the edge of my seat! It picks up where Shattered Diamonds leaves off, and we have Claire who has been missing for a year arrive home to find her husband and daughter involved with Josie! Omasta has masterfully woven this series, letting us both love and hate characters, feel frustration, compassion and love. It’s full of drama as both women love Alex, yet he has to choose one, and it may not be the one we expect. Emotions run high, Josie and Claire both have things to work through. And we have to love Hannah and her innocence. Loving her mother and Josie as the drama unfolds around her. It’s so good, and it leaves us with a cliffhanger…as we wait for book 3!!!! Ann Omasta also narrates this book. I really enjoy her performances, as she can not only write, but has a talent to bring her own stories to life as she meant them to be. Her voices are wonderful and I look forward to her next release!

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