A Bride for Wyatt

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A family Christmas that unites a couple and gives an orphan an experience of his life.

Jilted by the beautiful Lucy moves Wyatt to find a woman based on her heart rather than her appearance. After a lengthy correspondence, he decides Vera’s the one. Yet, he didn’t want her looks to influence his decision, so he arranged a proxy marriage.

Vera, an upright, no-nonsense, lady, is the perfect wife, but could they fall in love? Christmas with Vera’s family in Missouri is a turning point in Vera and Wyatt’s relationship. 

No one suspected they’d return home to face a life and death situation.

5 reviews for A Bride for Wyatt

  1. Catrina P

    A sweet proxy bride story. It’s time for Vera to make way for her younger sister to take on the role of care giver. Becoming a proxy bride seems like her best option. Wyatt had his heart broken when his betrothed ran off with his best friend. A proxy marriage may be just what he needs. Will Vera and Wyatt develop feelings for each other, or will this be more of a business arrangement?

    I have been looking forward to the release of a new Barbara Goss story and this one did not disappoint. I’m always left with a warm feeling in my heart after listening to one of her stories.

    Scott J. Bennett does a great job of bringing the story to life. He’s one of my favorite narrators.

    I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and I have voluntarily left this review.

  2. Patricia Reichardt

    I could never imagine being a proxy bride, but I do love living through these stories to see what it may have been like! Barbara Goss gives us Vera. She has raised her siblings and now it is time for her to begin living her own life. A proxy wedding sounds like a viable solution. Wyatt, jilted by his girl, Lucy is trying to mend a broken heart. Not wanting to have looks sway his decision, a proxy bride could be the answer, But when these two meet after the wedding, will they find they are suited? What a wonderful story. Goss always comes through with a message in her books, and a feeling of happiness. I love to listen to her. Wyatt and Vera are wonderful characters. I love their journey, and the hesitations for next steps. It’s sweet, loving and a great listen.

    Who better to bring this all to life than Scott J. Bennett? He is the perfect voice for this time period. I love how he settles into each character, bringing a personality all it’s own out of the book. He makes them alive and the listens fun.

  3. Cindy Nipper

    I especially loved the budding romance of the secondary story! A true conversion is my favorite type of story! As for the main characters, Barb takes two shy and sweet people and puts them together in perfect harmony!

    Another great narration from Scott! He really is well suited for these historical sweet romances!

    I hope to listen to many more books that are written by Barb and narrated by Scott!

  4. Rosemary HUGHES

    To wed a person you had only corresponded with, seems extreme, but, I suppose no different to some of the Regency marriages, where the social occasion of balls, or chaperoned carriage rides, were the only contact prior to marriage.
    This was a very thoughtful groom, willing to wait for his wife to come around. Again, I wonder how many of such marriages were as understanding and considerate.
    The story itself was interesting and felt homey and true to the time period.

  5. Misty

    Fantastic book! The wonderful story flowed great. This book sets up for other books connected to this one. I HOPE I see more about the other characters. The author got me vested in this family. I can not wait to read more. Love the narrator J Scoott Bennett

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