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Struggling to find her place in a pack where she once answered only to the alpha, Bridget sets out on her own. But when she encounters a creature she thought had disappeared from the world long ago, she must confront the shocking reality that one of the ancient dragons has awoken.

6 reviews for DragonLord

  1. Patricia Reichardt

    Bridget, the former mistress of Dundalk and wolf shifter decides to explore outside it’s borders. Awakened by her scent, Gideon leaves home to find Bridget. He does find her, and their connection is immediate. One night of steamy passion leaves them sated, but when Gideon awakes, he finds Bridget gone. She doesn’t realize she is his now. And with their coupling, she finds herself changing, and not into a wolf. They are true soulmates and now life will be different. Gideon is a strong alpha male, and takes what he wants. He has no problem punishing Bridget if her behavior does not suit him. Bridget is feisty though, and while she takes her punishment, it does not make her back down. I love that about her. She tells him exactly as it is! But she does hold a secret that may ruin them. What will happen when he finds out? I loved the ending of this one. It’s hot, steamy , and if you enjoy shifter romance with a touch of darkness, this one is for you

    With a character like Gideon, you need a narrator that can be both strong and tender. Jack Calihan’s voice fits him perfectly. He has a deep, slightly raspy voice that holds that commanding tone. It’s seductive and alluring! He easily falls into Bridget with a slight accent and he brings this shifter romance to life!

  2. Rosemary HUGHES

    A Dragon awakes, from thousands of years of bewitched sleep. What had awoken him, is unknown, as the other three of his ilk still slumbered.
    His intent to return to his dominion and resurrect his former stronghold was his first intent. However, during that long flight home, a scent of daffodils told him that his true love was near.
    This is their story of his following her allure and capturing the soul of a woman who had not wanted to be possessed by any male, human, wolf shifter or Dragonlord.

  3. Jocelyne

    Gideon and Bridget’s short story is fast-paced and steamy. Gideon is an alpha dragon, dominant and protective. Bridget, a wolf shifter, is strong and independent. They share an instant attraction and a sizzling chemistry. I like the ending. Jack Calihan did a great job with the narration.

  4. Jodi Price

    I love Gideon and Bridget’s story. Gideon is a dominate alpha dragon. Bridget, is a she-wolf, strong willed an independent, she is the widow of the former alpha. She decides she does not want to be mated again and live with the male ruling her life. She sneaks away to find a place where women live free and make their own choices. While searching for this place Bridget meets Gideon who is a dragon and they both know they are fated mates, but Bridget fights the mate bond and Gideon does not give up and starts to transform Bridget into a dragon without telling her. This is a great story! Narrator Jack Calihan does a great job with the story and characters.

  5. Christi Fowler

    Title: Dragonlord
    Author: Delta James
    Format: Audio
    Narrator: Jack Calihan
    Genre: Dark Shifter (Wolf and Dragon) Romance
    Standalone: ish
    Part of a Series: Related to Warlord, Overlord, and Wolflord And can definitely lead into more
    POV: Bridget and Gideon
    Steam Level: Hot

    Dragonlord is my favorite so far but it also feels incomplete…like it needs another chapter or two (plus an epilogue). I like the world that Delta James has created with this series and look forward to reading more.

  6. JoAnn Thompson

    Great Story!! I enjoyed this story very much. I found Bridget’s independent streak exasperating as all it does is get her into trouble. Dragon Lord, Gideon, was an intriguing character as even though he’s the typical domineering alpha male, he truly cared for his fated mate as well as his human subjects. Bridget and Gideon’s romance is full of angst. I’m looking forward to listening to future stories in this series as each of Gideon’s brothers wake from their enchanted slumber. Jack Calihan is an awesome narrator, as he is able to give each character their own voice—bringing this story to life.

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