Autumn at Apple Hill

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Elise Jacobs is ready for a change. Recently divorced, she relocates to her hometown of Landover, Maine, to operate a bed and breakfast she inherited from her grandmother. After growing up with the fondest memories of her childhood being spent there, she relishes the chance for a fresh start and an opportunity to revive the inn.

As summer gives way to Autumn, the inn is returning to its grandeur. A handsome guest sets out to challenge Elise at every turn. She knows the type…or does she?

Join Elise in finding a renewed zest for life, friendship, and possibly…even…love.

2 reviews for Autumn at Apple Hill

  1. Patricia Reichardt

    I love small town romances and this one fits the bill perfectly. Elise has moved back home to run her family Bed and Breakfast. It has been her dream, and newly divorced sees this as her fresh start. When Luke comes in with his smug attitude, they clash immediately. But the more time they spend together, the more the air changes. This book has such a wonderfully warm feeling to it. You just want to visit this place and delve into the beautiful surroundings and enjoy the peacefulness. Elise is the person you would love to have as a friend. Her personality is warm and loving. Luke has some rough edges, but once smoothed out, he proves his worth. There are definitely some issues between the two. But that is what makes a great story. Ellington also adds in some funny scenes, like Elise and the biscuits…but you will have to listen to hear it! This is a great afternoon listen, relaxing for the weekend.

    I have never heard Emily Coupe before and found she has a very pleasant voice.She has a variety of voices and for the most part it’s easy to tell who is speaking. There are a couple of places it does get a little murky and then clears up again. Her pacing is good and she adds a lot to this story.

  2. Melanie Wright

    This is a cute story, but I felt that the plot was predictable. I would have liked for the characters to have more depth, and for the romance to take a little more time to develop to make it more realistic. However, it is definitely worth a listen. If you’re looking for a quick feel good story this book will be perfect for you!

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