Until We Are Gone

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I wanted a family with Cash. 

We had dreams – building a house, kids, a dog, and, yes, even the white picket fence.

I don’t remember anything about my husband. Not the wedding or the vows we shared. The past 10 years were erased, but with time, they’re supposed to come back. 

But what if this isn’t your typical case of amnesia? 

What if I’m not supposed to remember? 

What if I was meant to forget? 

Maybe I don’t want my old life back. 

Because if the accident hadn’t happened, I wouldn’t have uncovered the truth. 

Losing my memory wasn’t tragic. 

Losing my memory was fate.

2 reviews for Until We Are Gone

  1. Patricia Reichardt

    WOW, what a ride! I went into this book blindly as I love Gia Riley and was completely surprised. Not exactly suspense, but the build up was incredible. Meadow is in a terrible car crash and when she comes to, has no recollection of her life. Her husband Cash is there to help her, and does his best to get her back on track, but something doesn’t seem right. And from there we get a story like no other. I can’t imagine having no inkling as to who I am, what I like, and who I know, let alone not recognize my husband. Riley portrays Meadow in a way that sometimes I like her and sometimes I am frustrated with her, exactly as she is going through the motions of her life. I love her dreams, and when the new man pops in them, can’t wait to see where they will lead. Written from 3 points of view, the story is full of angst, exasperation, suffering, and finally some closure. I was caught up in the story and had to keep listening to find out what really happened, and would Meadow get her memory back. A great addition to the story is Mimi too, though I think I am just soft when it comes to the grandmother type characters. Full of good advice and that warmth we love, Mimi is awesome.

    Sarah Puckett recounts this story in such a way that I was drawn in from the start. She had me feeling sorry for Cash, then frustrated and so invested in Meadow’s recovery that I couldn’t stop listening. She brings it all, full of emotion and voices so clear and passionate, it’s like I know these people. She brings out the best in this story and kept me on the edge.

  2. Brooke Ehly

    I can only assume how terrifying it can be to wake up from an accident and remember no one. This book is so realistic with the struggle that comes with this situation and I loved the way it worked it’s way through the problem. Beautifully written and narration is perfect for this. The book gives us the perfect happy ever after.

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