A Faithful Bride For The Wounded Sheriff (Bear Creek Brides, Book 2)

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An injured lawman. A nervous young woman. Can love help tame this wild frontier?

Sheriff Jacob Benning longs for the pitter-patter of tiny feet. But after placing a mail-order bride ad, he breaks his arm and ruins his penmanship so that any educated lady would dismiss his correspondence.

So, when a delightful maid from Boston seems taken with his haphazard prose, he clings to hope that his dreams of fatherhood might still come true.

Rosa Casey wishes her anxiety would stop extinguishing her ambitions. But when her mistress encourages her to travel west to meet the charming sheriff with the bad handwriting, she swallows her fear and packs her bags. Though, after losing her beloved cat on the train, she worries she’s made a terrible mistake.

Comforted by the lawman’s sweet attention, Rosa begins to build a life and a partnership in the small Montana town. And although Jacob falls hard for the Boston beauty, he fears his ruined arm means he can’t defend her from the frontier’s ruthless bandits.

Will Jacob and Rosa survive the dusty dangers to live happily ever after?

A Faithful Bride for the Wounded Sheriff is the second book in the enchanting Bear Creek Brides historical Western romance series. If you like devoted couples, rugged settings, and heart-racing endings, then you’ll adore Amelia Rose’s captivating tale.

4 reviews for A Faithful Bride For The Wounded Sheriff (Bear Creek Brides, Book 2)

  1. Simara Perez

    This was such a delightful surprise for me. It is a sweet romance that makes you feel hopeful. The description of the setting and the interactions with the Siux indians was fascinating. It’s also a clean romance but you can feel them fall in love with each other and it was sooo sweet.
    Narration: I usually don’t go for male narrators but I have to admit that Alan Taylor did a fantastic job with this book. His voices were distinct and his female characters were believable.
    Overall I highly recommend this book to people who enjoy good clean romance stories. I finished it in two days it was that interesting.
    I received a complimentary copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest review.

  2. Patricia Reichardt

    A Faithful Bride for the Wounded Sheriff
    Bear Creek Brides, Book 2
    By: Amelia Rose
    Narrated by: Alan Taylor

    Sheriff Jacob Bennings has sent for a mail order bride. Rosa answers his letter and they hit it off. He sends for her sooner than expected, but she goes from Boston to Montana to help out with the local restaurant. The two have a sweet, budding relationship and Rosa begins to fit in her new life. What isn’t expected is Jacob’s broken arm and the amount it damages his confidence. Will he be able to defend Rosa from the dangers of the frontier? And what he doesn’t expect is an enemy that can’t be physically fought! This story is a clean, loving listen, with an interesting twist with the aid of Sioux Indians. It’s always fun to see our friends from the first book in the series come giving continuity in the story line and a sense of community in the small town. Narrated by the talents of Alan Taylor, he brings the town to life with his warm baritone voice giving us an entertaining listen.

  3. Isis Ray

    I enjoyed the second book in the Bear Creek Bride series. I liked that the sheriff found a good woman for him. I liked the chemistry between Jacob and Rosa. I also enjoyed the fact that we got a glimpse into more of Matthew and Jenny’s life too. Each couple is wonderful in this series so far. The secondary characters are great too. I would love to hear more about some of them…maybe she will write a book about some of them too. I look forward to listening or reading more books by this author. Once again I enjoyed listening to the narrator his voice is as smooth as velvet and is wonderful to hear. I am sure to listen to more books he reads

  4. Benita Dilley

    A clean, warm fun book wherein an East coast ladies maid begins a life changing relationship with an injured Montana lawman.

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