Dante’s Gift

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Winner of the Maggie, Aspen Gold, Golden Quill and an audio Rone finalist. 

“A Hallmark classic in the making!”

Kathleen James has put her practical side away for once and looks forward to the perfect romantic evening: an intimate dinner with the man of her dreams and an engagement ring. She is not prepared to hear that he wants to bring his grandmother back from Italy to live with him. 

Dominic Lawrence has planned this marriage proposal for six months. Nothing can go wrong-until his Nonna calls. Now he must interrupt the tenderest night of Katie’s life with the news that another woman will be under their roof. 

When Antonia’s sister dies, she finds herself longing to be back in the States. An Italian wartime bride from the 1940s, she knows how precious love can be. Can her own story of an American soldier and a very special collie once again bring two hearts together at Christmas?

3 reviews for Dante’s Gift

  1. Patricia Reichardt

    What a perfect book to start off the holiday season with. Aubrey Wynn has created a story with so much love and heart that it is easy to get caught up in it. Dominic and Katie are in love, but when Dom tells Katie he is bringing he grandmother back from Italy to live with him, Katie has to re-evalutate her thoughts on where the relationship will take them. Antonia comes to Chicago with a story of true love and destiny that will capture your heart and make you believe in that one true love. And the cooking!! I would love to have her come into my house, make Italian Thanksgiving and enrapture me with family history. Loving dogs like I do, the inclusion of the collie was perfect. This is my first Aubrey Wynne book, and I can’t wait to listen to more.

    With Tom Jordan’s narration of this story, it is easy to listen to. His voice is so calm and warm, bringing the characters to life in a way that it’s like you are in the kitchen hearing Antonia tell her story of meeting her soldier and falling in love. The richness in his tones will bring that family feel right to your ears.

  2. Faith

    I absolutely loved this book! It was really two love stories in one. So well written. The characters are wonderful and come to life with Tom Jordan’s narration. I especially was enraptured with Nonna. Her sweet way of helping Katie realize how much she loved Dom and what is really important in life and love. Dom is so “Italian” and romantic. His interaction with Dante, his surprise Christmas gift, his patients with Katie, all made up a wonderful man. This is one of those books I probably will go back and listen to again one day.

    I requested this audio book from Audiobooks Unleashed and have voluntarily left this review.

  3. Amanda Humes

    A proposal that didn’t quite happen. It was a good contemporary story. However I like the historical romance better…this did have historical elements to it. I got this book from audiobooks unleashed and this is my honest and voluntary review.

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