The Crown Prince

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After finding my long time boyfriend, James, in bed with another woman, there was only one thing to do with our non-refundable Christmas trip to Miami: go alone and wallow in my sorrow. But, I found something in the fancy south Florida bungalow that I never expected… a man. He was tall, dark, handsome and claimed he owned the house.

At first, I just wanted him to leave so I could spend the week to myself. But, there was something about this man that attracted me. There was more to him than just his amazing abs and wealth. Maybe, just maybe, he could help me get over James.


I should have been home at the castle this close to Christmas, but my father’s constant pressure to be “proper” and “prepared to rule” drove me away. So instead of celebrating with my family and my people, I was in Miami partying and making a general nuisance of myself.

That is, until a girl stumbled into the family villa that I was hiding in to avoid those responsibilities. She began making wild claims like “I rented this place” and “put on pants”. While I wasn’t quite in the mood for company, something about this leggy, vulnerable blond tugged at me in a way other women hadn’t.

1 review for The Crown Prince

  1. Patricia Reichardt

    Have you ever wanted to just get away? Meghan is taking some time at Christmas to leave her apartment, awaiting her cheating ex to move out. She rents a home in Florida but little does she know, the owner is there! A good looking, arrogant man, Demetri works out an arrangement for them both to stay. There is something about Meghan though that Demetri can’t ignore. A story like this is a lot of fun to listen to. The innocence of meeting up at first makes the characters really likable since it’s not the draw of the Prince title that attracts Meghan to Demetri, and their chemistry clearly is strong. It’s very sweet to watch how Demetri woos her and tends to her though she at times could be a little prickly. The best parts of this book though occur when Demetri is back at his home country. Meeting the family and the interactions with Nadine(his sister), Meghan and the King are indicative to the characters that Amber Burns has created. We get to see how unexpected love is truly the best for this couple.

    Accents in this story are important for the Royal family and the two narrators did a great job. I loved Curt Bonnem’s voice for Demetri. He held that regal sound with the right touch of arrogance but was able to turn it around to a vulnerability that makes your heart melt. Nicole Blessing brought Meghan to life, voicing the hurt and frustration and eased it in to love and compassion.

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