Baby I’m In

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Love was the last thing on Kyle Stader’s mind. He’d found and lost that once and he wasn’t about to ever let himself feel that kind of hurt again. So, when Liz Redgate shows up in Cotton Creek, he might find himself interested, but it darn sure isn’t going to go anywhere except maybe the bedroom.

Liz is an enigma. A woman who can handle a thoroughbred race horse better than half a dozen experienced jockeys, and one who is keeping secrets. Like why that thoroughbred horse won’t run for anyone but her. Those secrets may make her more appealing but also make her dangerous.

Unfortunately, Kyle’s no novice to danger, and is a sucker for a mystery. Things are about to get interesting again in Cotton Creek.

1 review for Baby I’m In

  1. Patricia Reichardt

    This series continues on with Joe our Angel! This time, we encounter Kyle Stader, training race horses on the Purcell ranch. Along comes Liz Redgate, the only person who can seem to tame the wild “Kings Landing”. No one knows that she is really the horse’s original owner and trainer. Liz is trying to get out from under her father’s thumb, following her dreams of being Landing’s jockey and winning with him. Of course, the Purcell’s and Liz’s family have a long competitive history both in racing and business. Kyle and Liz have instant chemistry, and finally come to the realization that they cannot live without each other.

    The children of these families, (Liz, her brother Cooper and Wes Purcell) band together, and we learn how really far Liz’s dad will go to win. Joe remains the ultimate, elusive man of the day! Ciana Stone has another winner!

    J Scott Bennett continues to bring this story to life for me. I love his voice with this western series, perfect pace and fits the storyline.

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