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The Immortality Complex: A Science Fiction Short Story “This was a very well written short story of a man who who due to a change in the law is required to be re-born into a new body at the end of his life. He goes along with it, but finds that due to unexpected circumstances he has been born into a time when all of his relatives and friends have now predeceased him. This is a very interesting and emotional story about unexpected new love, full of twists and turns and an unexpected ending. Enjoy it, and hope that this isn't our ultimate future. Fine narration by Nathaniel Priestley.”
White Noise for Sleep “This is an Addendum to my review: I received this comment from the author/narrator: "I received your comments and I totally agree however I’ve been in touch with ACX about changing this…unfortunately it is a requirement of theirs to have an announcement every two hours as a chapter. We are not permitted to have audio longer than 120 minutes so the softest voice announcing was my only option." So where does that leave us? Unless you're just looking to take a nap, you've still got the voice (albeit not a loud one) making the chapter announcement every two hours. Will that disturb you? You need to decide for yourself. On the plus side, Audible does allow returns if you're not satisfied, so it may be worth taking a shot. The Audible credit is certainly cheaper than buying the white sound generator.”
White Noise for Sleep “The idea behind the white noise for sleeping is great. The execution her is nuts, however. The entire recording is broken into two hour chapters, which is fine. However, the start of each chapter contains an announcement giving the chapter number, title and part number. Every two hours, your sleep will be interrupted by author (and narrator!) Devon Blais announcing the like of "Chapter 2, Warm white noise , part 2." Good concept, poor execution.”
Boned on the Dance Floor “Very short and odd. This very short story is probably not bad if it is read as an e-book. However, given that the entire story is told in the the first person by a female character, the choice of a male narrator is odd to say the least. Joseph Morgan does the best he can with the material, but I think it was a failing effort.”
More Wild West: Bundle – The Visitor Saga, The Visitor’s Wedding, The Visitor’s Apprentice, By the Numbers “Some of the most erotic stories ever recorded Where do I start with this review? In this audiobook we have had collected for the listener more than 20 hours of some of the most sensual and erotic tales ever committed in writing. To hear them narrated, particularly by this talented group, is to be transported to another world. This is some sexy narration, with one narrator better than the next. The stories are menage, mostly reverse harem, in just about every permutation that can be imagined. And K.D. West has quite an imagination! I listened to some of this while in the supermarket, late in the shopping day when the market is almost empty and I was all decked out in my Covid shopping outfit with mask, hat, hand sanitizer, etc. Plugged into the Audible app on my cell phone, it really was like being transported to another world. From time to time I'd get distracted. She did what!?? So I'd have to rewind and listen again. The shopping took longer than it otherwise would have, but it was a memorable trip. This is really a good listen. I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review. Having said that, you cannot possibly go wrong spending one of your valuable Audible credits on this, it's that good.”
Dinos Are A Girl’s Best Friend “Surprisingly good. The authors actually came up with a way for a woman to have a physical and emotional relationship with a young T-Rex, which is not something that could have been easy. I'll leave it to you to either read or listen to this story yourself to find out how. The narrator of the Audible version did a good job with both the male and female voices.”
Lust In Space “This is Scorching Hot Sci-Fi!! Very well written Sci-Fi erotica. Read the blurb and listen, it's worth it. Good Sci-Fi, and good erotica. Well narrated by Persephone Rose, who does a good job with both the male and female characters.”
Star Seed “Even more breathtaking than the written version. The audio version of Star Seed is a beautifully written erotic romance that took my breath away. I hate to give the plot away, but I will say it is an erotic love story that has some points in common with Olaf Stapleton's sci-fi classic "Star Maker," which I read long ago and far away. But only some common points. It is its own story, well plotted, with well written dialogue. As you get into it, the story will tug at your emotions on many levels, at least they did mine. The narration by Persephone Rose is just beautiful. Considering that this is a story about the developing relationship between two women, I think I would have cast a female narrator. That said, I think that the male narrator does a fine job with the voices and the narration. and I cannot fault him on the delivery. The story is a joy to listen to.”
Destiny’s Desire “A romantic and erotic story of how the virginal sheltered daughter of a millionaire porn star met the man of her dreams when his car slides off the road late one night during a blizzard, and he seeks shelter in her home in the mountains. Nothing heavy, but the story flows well. That there is a HEA goes without saying. Good narration by the male narrator. I was given this free review copy audio book at my request in exchange for an honest review.”
Suddenly Futanari “Lots of fun. I really enjoyed listening to this audio book. It's got an actual plot, and is just plain fun to listen to. The futa change does indeed occur suddenly, and it's well into the book, after you've become accustomed to the principal characters and their various day to day challenges. The books ends with a very well done HEA. Audrey Lusk does a good, tongue-in-check narration. Nicely done.”
Mrs. Wilson’s Cure for Headstrong Ladies & Hysterical Wives “A lot of fun. Decidedly tongue in cheek (and elsewhere) this audiobook was a hoot to listen to. I thoroughly enjoyed both the story and the narration.”
Satyr Day – The Complete Anthology “Owen Howard is working as a pizza delivery man when he rescues a messenger of the Greek god Dionysus, also called Bacchus by the Romans. Bacchus is trying to make a comeback, which can only be done by attracting worshipers. Owen, for the first time in his life, starts to become incredibly attractive to members of the opposite sex. With this, the plot is off and rolling. The story is well written, and the plot is interesting, The narration, performed by a male narrator AKA 'Tweet Productions' is quite good, They make use of some sound effects during the narration, but they are well placed, appropriate, and not too obtrusive. It gives the production something of the feel of an old-time radio show. Not what you usually hear on Audible, but I found it enjoyable.”
Space Girls Are Easy “Space girls can be easy, given the right earthling. This is a well written and beautifully told story of a romance between a female alien (but human) space scout and the male school teacher she encounters one night out in a rural area of Illinois.It's a really good story, full of background details, emotions and ultimately some pretty hot erotica.Nicely done. The narration by Alden Black was well done, with a good job on both the male and female voices. This makes for a fine Audible short story version. I think you'll enjoy it.”
Planet of Sex “Very well written, and quite hot, if a bit tongue-in-cheek. Assuming that one indeed has either a tongue or a cheek. I liked it. I hope the author writes some followup books, I'd like to see how this all works out. Will Rachel Brighton ever become pregnant by an Alien? Will all the men actually be shipped to the moon? Enquiring minds want to know! This is supposed to be Book 1 of a series. It ends in a cliffhanger. The original ebook version was published in October 2017, and there is no sign of a Volume 2 as of this review, written in May 2020. That's a shame, it's a good story. Joanna Gibson does a great job with the narration. It's worth the listen just for her, even with the unresolved cliffhangers.”
Satyrday Morning “Owen Howard is working as a pizza delivery man when he rescues a messenger of the Greek god Dionysus, also called Bacchus by the Romans. Bacchus is trying to make a comeback, which can only be done by attracting worshipers. Owen, for the first time in his life, starts to become incredibly attractive to members of the opposite sex. With this, the plot is off and rolling. The story is well written, and the plot is interesting, The narration, performed by a male narrator AKA 'Tweet Productions' is quite good, They make use of some sound effects during the narration, but they are well placed, appropriate, and not too obtrusive. It gives the production something of the feel of an old-time radio show. Not what you usually hear on Audible, but I found it enjoyable.”
The Gift That Keeps on Giving “A short but erotic story of a loving anniversary present given by a husband to his wife. The husband, Jesse, knows what his wife Julie really wants, and Jesse makes sure she gets it. It's a memorable and ultimately loving anniversary. Charles DeSaxo does a good job as narrator, although he does need to lean how to pronounce 'carte blanche,' which is really the nature of what Jesse's present was.”
His Horny MILF Neighbor “Good neighbors are good to find... This is a sensitive, well written and very hot book by Alana Church. "His Horny MILF Neighbor" is a story of a young man, Jack, who is soon to set off for college, and his newly divorced neighbor, Jillian. After somewhat of a rough start, they prove to be very good for each other. The book shows good character and story development. I'm sure that Jack's college experiences will be greatly enhanced by what Jillian teaches him. And like most good experiences, both participants learn and grow from what is happening. Melanie Hastings does a superb job with the narration and voices on this audiobook. Her voice works really well with the material. All in all, a very enjoyable listen.”
Our Neighbor’s A Porn Star! “This is you keep warm in a South Dakota winter! This is a well written story about Heather, a porn star recently relocated from LA to South Dakota, in search of an anonymous retirement. She soon develops relationships with her new neighbors, a 41 year old bi-curious recent divorcee named Barbara, and her 18 year old son Nate, both of whom recognize her from her internet career. Nate rescues Heather from a close call with frostbite while shoveling snow, and Barbara takes Heather shopping for clothes more appropriate to the South Dakota winter. Soon Heather is much better acquainted with both of her new neighbors. As with everything else I've read by Alana Church, the story is very erotic and well scripted. There is always an interesting plot with her stories, and I've never found them boring. What adds to this Audible release is that it's the first time she is using a female narrator, and Melanie Hastings does a first rate job with the voices and narration. She turns an already hot story into one that is both sultry and sizzling. The combination is nothing less than scorching!”
Holy Water “Holy water indeed! Alana Church is an author who really knows how to write. Besides the eros, (of which there is a delightful abundance in this book) she really can write in a way that tugs at your heartstrings, or mine at any event. This audio book is not long, only about 2 1/4 hours. But in that time she weaves a complete tale of love between a Naiad (look it up, I had to) and a Minnesota farm boy. I'm not going to spoil this for you by saying anything more, except that I don't think you'll go wrong by listening to this. Aiden Black does a fine job with the narration. I saw someone saying that his voice is a bit like Michael Caine's, and I can hear the similarities. At first I found the accent not really in tune with either Minnesota or a Native American, but after about 5 minutes his voice just drew me right into the story.”
Gaelic Goddess “Gaelic Goddess is a great listen. This is a fine read from Alana Church. Very well written, with a well thought out plot. and truly interesting characters. I''m a sucker for a good love story, and that's what you have here, along with some touches of the supernatural and a legal puzzle. The story had to end, but I'm sorry it did. Aiden Black does a cracker jack job with the narration. His voice is reminiscent of actor Michael Caine, and I thought he handled the Irish lilt of our Gaelic Goddess quite well. I think you'll enjoy this listen.”
The Snow Maid “This is an absolutely enchanted tale. The Snow Maid is a beautifully written story that will draw you right in. It mixes romance, seduction, eroticism and Russian folklore into into a really excellent plot. I'm not going to give away any more of the plot than has been provided in the author's description. The narrator does a good job with the voices. Personally, I would have preferred a female voice for this material, but that is a personal preference.”
Piston Pete and His Perfect Penis “"Piston Pete and His Perfect Penis" was well written by Scarlett Page in 2012. It's a delightful treat, and one which I'm sure I would have overlooked if it wasn't for the new Audible version. The 2020 narration by Jennifer M Bisgard is seductive and just beautifully read. She has a talent for this material, and does both the female lead, and submissive male voices expertly. You'll enjoy this listen. I did.”
Cuckqueen Erotica The Complete “Not Enough for Him” Series “I'll admit that the whole Cuckold/Cuckqueen genre is not really my schtick. That said, this story is very well written and highly erotic in its own right. What really stands out for me in this audio book is the narration by Shannon Abood. Her voice is just perfect for this material, and I suspect would be equally good in other types of erotic storytelling. Just listening to her narration really added much more to the experience for me. I would love to hear more from this narrator.”
The Experiment (An Erotic Series of Ménage, BDSM, Hypnosis, and Addiction) “There is certainly a lot of hands-on experimenting going on in this quest to obtain research data from this group of 3 male and 3 female sex addict volunteers. Considering the involvement of the researchers and their staffs, I'm not sure how this study is going to pass peer review, but I guess that's not the point. There is a wide variety of sexual activity going on in this study, most of of it quite hot. This is only the first book of this series, I can only imagine what the authors are going to do in the follow-up volumes. Ruby Rivers does a fine job (as usual) with the narration and the voices, She is really good with this material.”
The Good Girl “Just lovely, and hot as can be! An exquisitely written love story, I found it nothing less than a delight to read. It's got elements of mystery and suspense that pull the reader along, but mostly it's the attraction and love between the two protagonists that pulls the story along. There's a lot of passion built into this novella. It's a gem. This story works really well with the Amazon-Audible total immersion concept. The narration by Tessa Stavers is spot on perfect for the story. Her performance draws you right into the plot, the characters and quite close to their bed. Truly hot stuff! You'll enjoy, at least I know I did.”