Star Seed

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Andi Selene was flat broke and working as an escort when the offer came. A client wanted to see her. And not just for an hour or two, but for an entire week!

But Andi quickly discovered the client was more than she had bargained for. The client was not a man, but a gorgeous young woman named Chara. Now Andi found herself caught in an ever-rising spiral of passion. Chara was intelligent, beautiful, and amazingly kind. But she had her own secrets. When they finally succumbed to their mutual attraction, would their friendship survive the revelation that Chara was not human, but a visitor from the stars, on a mission which would change Andi’s life forever?


      Chara sank back in her seat as Andi drove them back to the hotel, her eyes closed. Andi sneaked furtive glances at her, once again awestruck by her beauty. Her tan skin was dark in the dim light of the dashboard. Her bountiful chest rose and fell in time to her slow breaths. Andi longed to take her into her arms and never let go.

      I’m half in love with her already, she thought, and the thought nearly made her cry. When this week was over, she would go back to her dreary life. The money she would receive would perhaps allow her to claw her way out the hole she was in, but she was separated from Chara by a chasm so vast it was almost beyond imagining. She would live in Des Moines, or Omaha, or Kansas City. Meanwhile, the glamorous person sitting next to her, blessed by wealth, wit, and beauty, would doubtless travel around the world, seeing places and people Andi could only dream of. Andi could not imagine what chance had brought Chara within her orbit, but she knew instinctively that once she left, she would never see her again.

      She parked the car in the hotel lot, and gently shook Chara’s shoulder. “Wake up, sleepy-head,” she said softly. “We’re back.”

      Chara stretched and smiled at her. “Already?” she asked.

      “Yes, already,” Andi smiled back.

      “Your people are really quite clever,” Chara said as they entered the hotel. “Who else would think of warmers in the seats so your backside does not get cold?”

      Andi laughed. “Well, if there is a way to make the driving experience more enjoyable, Americans will find a way to do it. I think we invented cup-holders, too.”

      In just a few moments they were back inside the suite. Andi yawned and blinked tiredly, the stress of the day catching up to her.

      “I think I’m going to take a shower, then go to bed,” she said. “Otherwise I’m going to fall right over. I had a late night last night at my other job. Unless you need me for something…” she let herself trail off suggestively, hoping Chara would catch the invitation in her voice.

      “Yes, you do look tired,” Chara said, completely missing her hint. “Sleep well, and dream sweetly. Already I am looking forward to our day tomorrow.” In two quick steps she crossed the distance between them. Andi sighed in pleasure as her arms came around her in a tender embrace. She was so warm! Her touch was like stepping into a sun-warmed room on a cold winter’s day. The heat sank into her muscles, relaxing her.

      After a moment, Chara let her grip ease, though she still held onto Andi’s shoulders. She opened her mouth, as if to make some parting comment, then closed it again. Instead, she leaned close and brushed Andi’s cheek with her lips. She made as if to repeat the gesture on her other cheek, but Andi intercepted her mouth with her own, capturing her lips in a kiss.


      Andi swam in a sea of desire. Chara’s mouth was soft and warm and willing on hers. Her body moved closer, pliant and undemanding, content to accept Andi’s affection.

      Andi found her arms roaming along the skin of Chara’s back. Her hands drifted lower, over the sweet curves of her rear and to her thighs. Almost without thinking, she gathered the folds of Chara’s dress in her hands, pulling the hem higher. In moments, Chara’s legs were bare and Andi could fondle the exposed skin of her rear.

      No panties! Andi’s head swam in astonishment. But her probing fingers told the truth. Her friend had spent the entire day with her dressed in only a thin layer of silk. With one hand in the small of her back, Andi slipped the other around to her front resting on her taut stomach. In her fevered imagination, the scenario presented itself. She would drop to her knees and pleasure Chara with lips and tongue. And then they would go to her room for a night of passion-soaked lovemaking.

      A mere instant before she could kneel, she found her wrists caught in Chara’s hands. “No, darling,” she said, her voice slightly husky. “Not yet.” She reached up her hand and cupped her cheek, and Andi had to stifle a shudder of longing. She looked down between them, to where their breasts nearly touched. Her nipples were stiff and aching within her bra.

      Chara smiled as she released her, the expression full of promise. “Not tonight,” she said. “You are tired, my friend, and I am a little bit drunk. If you come to my bed, it will be when you know me fully. With no secrets between us.”

      “I want you now,” Andi whispered.

      “Do you?” Chara’s voice was wise, her eyes keen. “Or do you just want the idea of me? A glamorous woman who is beautiful and wealthy, come to take you away from your drab existence? No, Andi,” she said, shaking her head sadly. “You do not know me yet. And when you do, you may find the reality makes you unwilling to continue our acquaintance.

      “Sleep now. I will see you in the morning.” She turned and walked into her bedroom, closing the door behind her firmly.

1 review for Star Seed

  1. Long Island Reader

    Even more breathtaking than the written version.

    The audio version of Star Seed is a beautifully written erotic romance that took my breath away. I hate to give the plot away, but I will say it is an erotic love story that has some points in common with Olaf Stapleton’s sci-fi classic “Star Maker,” which I read long ago and far away. But only some common points. It is its own story, well plotted, with well written dialogue. As you get into it, the story will tug at your emotions on many levels, at least they did mine. The narration by Persephone Rose is just beautiful. Considering that this is a story about the developing relationship between two women, I think I would have cast a female narrator. That said, I think that the male narrator does a fine job with the voices and the narration. and I cannot fault him on the delivery. The story is a joy to listen to.

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