Dinos Are A Girl’s Best Friend

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Shanna had been sent back 66 million years by the CenCon scientists to prospect for immense raw diamonds, but she finds more than she ever expected when she rescues a baby T. rex and names it Timmy. 

Who could have guessed that dinosaurs were telepathic? And when Timmy grows up, he wants a whole lot more from her than just a platonic friendship. 

2 reviews for Dinos Are A Girl’s Best Friend

  1. Long Island Reader

    Surprisingly good.

    The authors actually came up with a way for a woman to have a physical and emotional relationship with a young T-Rex, which is not something that could have been easy. I’ll leave it to you to either read or listen to this story yourself to find out how. The narrator of the Audible version did a good job with both the male and female voices.

  2. Christi Fowler

    Titile: Dinos Are A Girl’s Best Friend
    Author: Pornelope
    Format: Audio
    Narrator: Buck J. Deat
    Genre: SciFi Erotica, Comedy
    Standalone: Yes but sets up for another
    Part of a series: Book 1 of 50 Scales of Grey
    POV: Shanna and Timmy
    Steam Level: Well, it’s erotica so it’s more steam than story

    Have you ever seen something so ridiculous you can’t help but check it out? Well that was me with this series. I saw book 2 and couldn’t help but click on it only to realize that there was a book one as well. Resistance was futile. The premise is this – Shanna from way in the future travels back in time. But, due to a miscalculation she ends up in the age of dinosaurs which is less in the past that she wanted to go. She’s the only human and rescues a dinosaur who is telepathic (all dinosaurs are telepathic) She’s also empathic and can feel the energy that the dinosaurs exude during mating season leading to Timmy becoming more than a friend that she rescued and raised. This novella is only an hour long but it left me wondering what the heck I just listened to. And then promptly started the next book, because in for a penny, in for a pound.

    I received this audiobook for free from Audiobooks Unleashed. This is my honest and voluntary review.

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