Satyr Day – The Complete Anthology

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Owen didn’t set out to be a hero. When he rescued the woman in the grocery store parking lot, he was just trying to help. But as a result, he found himself gifted with a strange copper bracelet. 

Now, women around him are acting strangely. Over the span of one glorious summer day, Owen’s life is turned upside down. 

Will he accept his destiny as the messenger of a divine being? What will be his fate, and that of the women in his life, on this wonderful “Satyr Day”?

1 review for Satyr Day – The Complete Anthology

  1. Long Island Reader

    Owen Howard is working as a pizza delivery man when he rescues a messenger of the Greek god Dionysus, also called Bacchus by the Romans. Bacchus is trying to make a comeback, which can only be done by attracting worshipers. Owen, for the first time in his life, starts to become incredibly attractive to members of the opposite sex. With this, the plot is off and rolling. The story is well written, and the plot is interesting, The narration, performed by a male narrator AKA ‘Tweet Productions’ is quite good, They make use of some sound effects during the narration, but they are well placed, appropriate, and not too obtrusive. It gives the production something of the feel of an old-time radio show. Not what you usually hear on Audible, but I found it enjoyable.

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