Planet of Sex

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Rachel Brighton isn’t your average civil servant. She’s a sexual ambassador for the human race. It’s not a bad job, if you don’t mind prudes calling you a “star slut”. The year is 2030 and the aliens have landed, but they don’t want to rule the planet. They want to woo it. An insidious plague has rendered human women the last fertile females in the galaxy, and transformed Earth into its number one mating destination. After rounding up the male population, the aliens make a deal with the new female-led government: Teach us how to make love to human women and we’ll return your men. 

Rachel used to think nothing on Earth could satisfy her weird desires. But Earth, and her libido, are no longer alone in the universe. To save the human race, to save the aliens, she’ll embark on a journey of erotic discovery. This tale of interstellar sex is 20,000 words and for listeners 18 and up.

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

He made a sound in the front of his mouth that I realized was a chuckle. “Are you considered attractive among your people?” he asked.

“I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t.”

His ears twitched. He leaned lower to gaze into my eyes. “I cannot say that I find you attractive in the manner of my people,” he said, “but I understand why you were chosen for this position. How do I describe this feeling? I find you…is the word ‘cute’ appropriate?”

I nodded. “There’s a few ways I can take that, most of them complimentary.”

Cautiously, Aurelias raised his upper left hand and swept his large fingers through my hair. “And you smell pleasant,” he said. “Our females did not apply artificial scents.”

“But you have your pheromones.”

“Yes,” he said, “and they are effective. Still, I enjoy the smell of jasmine as much as the next creature.” His eyes moved over my body, curiosity tugging at the corners of his lips. “And this…

2 reviews for Planet of Sex

  1. Long Island Reader

    Very well written, and quite hot, if a bit tongue-in-cheek. Assuming that one indeed has either a tongue or a cheek.

    I liked it. I hope the author writes some followup books, I’d like to see how this all works out. Will Rachel Brighton ever become pregnant by an Alien? Will all the men actually be shipped to the moon? Enquiring minds want to know!

    This is supposed to be Book 1 of a series. It ends in a cliffhanger. The original ebook version was published in October 2017, and there is no sign of a Volume 2 as of this review, written in May 2020. That’s a shame, it’s a good story.

    Joanna Gibson does a great job with the narration. It’s worth the listen just for her, even with the unresolved cliffhangers.

  2. John Bennett

    I really loved the book it really kept me wanting more and that it did. I cant wait to find book 2 to read or listen to.

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