Gaelic Goddess

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No one grieved for Mick Phelan when he died. The old lawyer had been a terrible father and a horrible man, poisoning his children with his hate.

But an unexpected inheritance was waiting for his grandson Thomas. An Irish goddess who Mick had ensnared decades ago showed up on his doorstep, begging him to free her from bondage.

Now Tom and Rhiannon must navigate a treacherous road. Will their growing attraction for one another allow them to part the mists of time and release her from slavery? Or will Rhiannon be bound forever, a fate worse than death for this Gaelic goddess?

1 review for Gaelic Goddess

  1. Long Island Reader

    Gaelic Goddess is a great listen.

    This is a fine read from Alana Church. Very well written, with a well thought out plot. and truly interesting characters. I”m a sucker for a good love story, and that’s what you have here, along with some touches of the supernatural and a legal puzzle. The story had to end, but I’m sorry it did.

    Aiden Black does a cracker jack job with the narration. His voice is reminiscent of actor Michael Caine, and I thought he handled the Irish lilt of our Gaelic Goddess quite well. I think you’ll enjoy this listen.

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