The Immortality Complex: A Science Fiction Short Story


“I was just coming into my 94th year when the Government announced that a new law was ushered in with a swift majority. They called it the New Human Act; if a body is frail, or injured beyond medical science (so long as their mentality is intact), they must get a totally new body in order to preserve the essence of their life.”

A science fiction short story from Jeff Walker, author of The Long Lost WarYour Service Is Required, and The Mysterious World of Professor Darkk and Miss Shadow.

Simon Janson died at the end of his life, only to be reborn into a new body and his mind uploaded to it. Now he must live in a world where death is no longer a factor in human beings anymore. Simon travels beyond Earth to find meaning in his life now, stumbling upon a new love and new challenges. But can he cope with living forever? Is better to die rather than live on and on with no end? As humanity continues to improve and stretch out into the cosmos, Simon feels the burden of being immortal.


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