White Noise for Sleep

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White Noise for Sleep: Sleep Sounds with over 8 Hours per Track to Ensure a Full Night’s Sleep

Many people benefit from the steady, soothing sounds of white noise. A constant frequency can help reset distractions and irritations.

Be it: A noisy neighbor, a snoring partner, insomnia, a racing brain full of thoughts, or a bustling city.

White noise will help reset the tone for focus and relaxation.

The author has created each track with over eight hours in this audiobook in mind to ensure you have full sound support during a whole night’s sleep.

The three sounds have a gentle fade in and out to help to customize the volume 10 seconds after you start the sound.

This audiobook features three frequencies of white noise

  • Warm White Noise 
  • Cool White Noise 
  • Fan and Water White Noise 

Can this collection help me outside of just sleeping?

Alternatively, we hope that you use this audiobook for focus, meditation, work, and studying. To help center oneself in our busy 21st-century world.

What you will not hear:

This audiobook will not surprise you like others; you will not hear any overlying sounds of music or voices embedded in this audiobook.

Get our 24-hour audiobook and choose the sound that best fits your needs.


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2 reviews for White Noise for Sleep

  1. Long Island Reader

    The idea behind the white noise for sleeping is great. The execution her is nuts, however. The entire recording is broken into two hour chapters, which is fine. However, the start of each chapter contains an announcement giving the chapter number, title and part number. Every two hours, your sleep will be interrupted by author (and narrator!) Devon Blais announcing the like of “Chapter 2, Warm white noise , part 2.”

    Good concept, poor execution.

  2. Long Island Reader

    This is an Addendum to my review:

    I received this comment from the author/narrator:

    “I received your comments and I totally agree however I’ve been in touch with ACX about changing this…unfortunately it is a requirement of theirs to have an announcement every two hours as a chapter. We are not permitted to have audio longer than 120 minutes so the softest voice announcing was my only option.”

    So where does that leave us? Unless you’re just looking to take a nap, you’ve still got the voice (albeit not a loud one) making the chapter announcement every two hours. Will that disturb you? You need to decide for yourself. On the plus side, Audible does allow returns if you’re not satisfied, so it may be worth taking a shot. The Audible credit is certainly cheaper than buying the white sound generator.

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