The Good Girl

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The naughty debut novella by Madeleine Taylor, author of lesbian erotica:

I’m a good girl. I work hard, look like your average girl, do everything in moderation, and I certainly don’t make a habit of going into strangers’ hotel rooms dressed in sexy lingerie and killer heels. That is, until I meet her.

When a mysterious woman buys me a drink at a hotel bar in New York, I never expect her to impact my life the way she does. From the moment she lays eyes on me there’s little point fighting my desires because she seems to know them better than I do…

4 reviews for The Good Girl

  1. Long Island Reader

    Just lovely, and hot as can be!

    An exquisitely written love story, I found it nothing less than a delight to read. It’s got elements of mystery and suspense that pull the reader along, but mostly it’s the attraction and love between the two protagonists that pulls the story along. There’s a lot of passion built into this novella. It’s a gem.

    This story works really well with the Amazon-Audible total immersion concept. The narration by Tessa Stavers is spot on perfect for the story. Her performance draws you right into the plot, the characters and quite close to their bed. Truly hot stuff! You’ll enjoy, at least I know I did.

  2. Qwirkie1

    Whoa! This one will knock your socks off! Sexy from the start all the way to the finish! Bravo!!!

    Who wouldn’t want to hear the narrator, Tessa Stavers, speak those word into your ears? OMG!

  3. J Jarvis

    I loved this audiobook! The story is hot from the very beginning and continues throughout. I loved the way the relationship between the two women developed over time into something more than sex, but with domination remaining a focal point of their relationship. It is told completely from the perspective of one of the women. It would be interesting to see this story told from the opposite side to get the full picture. This is one I will listen to again.

  4. Hayde W

    From the title and descriptions alone you expect you’ll get a good dose of hot sex scenes, and the Author and Narrator definitely delivers. The narration is VERY well done and fitting to the characters and the plot and really enhanced the story! Definitely recommend! 5⭐️

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