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Suzanne Nelson
The Final Curtain Call “This is a really good cozy mystery with an interesting cast of characters! Screen actor Angel Bridges takes a side venture to sing on stage in an opera. Following her opening night performance, she is found dead at a celebratory dinner. The dinner is catered by Deelish Catering. Dee Dee, the owner and caterer, becomes embroiled in trying to discover who murdered Angel. Author Dianne Harman spins a good tale. Multiple suspects have possible motives. The identity of the murderer will keep listeners guessing. Narrator Kasey Logan does a great job performing the voices of the characters. Delicious sounding recipes are included at the end of this audiobook.”
Gertrude, Gumshoe Cozy Mystery Box Set: Books 1, 2, 3 “This gem of a box set is really funny! Gertrude is a feisty old lady, who becomes embroiled with solving murders. She seems to have a knack for discovering dead bodies. Despite being disabled and having to use a walker, Gertrude doesn't have limits. She doesn't consider herself elderly. She doesn't have a driver's license or a car but takes the free community bus service for citizens in need around town. She also bums rides from her senior neighbor Calvin, who reluctantly accompanies Gertrude on her adventures. Gertrude has a dozen or more cats, all named. She collects items that may be of use sometime and stores them in piles in her trailer park home. Gertrude calls herself a collector. Book one is hilarious, when the investigation takes Gertrude and Calvin to a strip club. After showing the police how it should be done, Gertrude decides to become a gumshoe. In book two, Gertrude is shopping in Goodwill and discovers a dead woman in the store. So she gets a job at Goodwill in order to help discover the identity of the murderer. It is so funny! In book three, Gertrude searches for a woman who disappeared while picking up merchandise purchased through an online auction site. Gertrude's struggles to become familiar with technology are humorous. Each book is a stand alone. All are clean and cozy. They will make listeners laugh and smile! I rate this box set at five stars.”
Murder and the Museum A High Desert Cozy Mystery “I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this audiobook! It captured my attention from the start and kept delivering. I would give it a five star rating. This cozy mystery is really well-written. Author Dianne Harman created a cast of characters with motives for committing the murder of wealthy Camille. Camille had a mega collection of art, as well as western and Native American artifacts. At the time of her death, she was in the process of purchasing a desert property near Palm Springs. She planned to build a museum to house her extensive collection and share it with the public. Other people also wanted the desirable property and had motivation for murdering Camille in order for the sale to fall through and go back on the market. The property was in a prime location for a desert resort, a shopping mall, and a tribal casino. It was also the habitat for a large number of desert tortoises and was of interest to the environmental community. One of the main characters, Marty, aids her husband detective Jeff with the investigation of Camille's murder. Dog lovers will appreciate the couple's dogs, who are part of the story. It is not necessary to have listened to other books in the series prior to this audiobook. It is a stand alone. Narrator Kasey Logan does an excellent job with the voices of the characters. This book would have been even better if the story was longer. It was so good that I wanted more!”
Murdered By Prejudice “I really enjoyed listening to Murdered by Prejudice by author Dianne Harman! Liz Lucas works with the FBI to investigate a series of murders that may be racially motivated. The killer's warped beliefs about "real Americans" are analyzed. They are presented as so ridiculous and laughable that a listener can't help but make comparisons to the beliefs of some hate groups members in America today. I applaud the author for having the courage to address such despicable racial hatred. This audiobook is still at the cozy end of the spectrum, despite the serious subject matter. It isn't gory, Dogs Winston and Brandy Boy are part of the story. Delicious sounding recipes featured throughout the book are included at the end. The characters are well developed and interesting. One of my favorites is the dislikeable elected law enforcement official, who would rather try to catch speeding drivers than investigate a series of murders. Narrator Kasey Logan does a great job, as always.”
Death In The Bay “Sheriff Mike's friend Greg falls overboard from his boat on the way home, following dinner and drinks at his favorite restaurant. Unfortunately, Greg doesn't survive. Was it a tragic accident or something more sinister? Talented author Dianne Harman details the possible motives people could have for wanting Greg dead. Was it the soon to be ex-wife, the son who hasn't been financially successful, or a criminal who Greg helped incarcerate? The characters seem very real! Narrator Kasey Logan does a great job with the voices of the various characters. This cozy mystery is really good! I give it a five star rating!”
Murdered By Wine “I really, really enjoyed listening to this murder mystery! I rate it at five stars. It is well-written. I loved the Sonoma, California setting. I could imagine being in the picturesque area, touring wineries, shopping in the town, and dining at foodie restaurants. The plot revolved around wine making operations at a couple of vineyards. Returning characters Kelly and Mike Reynolds aid the local sheriff with solving the murder. Author Dianne Harman details a handful of people that could have had a motive for committing the murder. Some weren't very likeable and made great villains. Narrator Kasey Logan gave an excellent performance. Recipes were included at the end of the audiobook.”
Murdered Mentor “I loved this audiobook! I rate it five stars! Author Dianne Harman uses her personal knowledge from being a political insider to write a spectacular tale of a senator's death and the various people who could have wished for the senator to die for not supporting their agendas. The book has depth and isn't the typical cutesy cozy. The characters are well developed and could be real people associated with the world of politics. This audiobook is a stand alone. It is not necessary to have listened to the other books in the series to appreciate this one. Narrator Kasey Logan did a fantastic job with the voices of the characters. I especially liked her performance of mean girl Gigi! I would highly recommend this audiobook to others. It will also appeal to those who would enjoy a political thriller on the cozy end of the spectrum.”
Murder In San Francisco “I really enjoyed listening to this audiobook! The plot was exciting and original. Amateur sleuth Liz meets a beautiful woman, Michelle, who tells her abbreviated life story. Michelle is the girlfriend of a wealthy older man, Bernie. She appears to be genuinely in love with her boyfriend, despite their age difference. After Bernie's sudden death, Michelle becomes pregnant through artificial insemination, using sperm Bernie consensually donated prior to his death. The future offspring will inherit millions. Bernie's adult children from a prior relationship are understandably outraged. The case of Bernie's death is reopened by the police, who determine that he was murdered. Michelle, of course, comes under suspicion. Several other suspects emerge during the story, all of whom have motives for the murder. I found Michelle's character fascinating. It would have been easy to pass judgment and label her a gold-digger. But the story explained the relationship and desire for a child from Michelle's perspective. She became very likeable, and I felt compassion for her. Liz's dog Winston is included in the story. Author Dianne Harman did an excellent job writing the plot. Narrator Kasey Logan gives a really good performance. I would have liked the story even more if additional San Francisco locale details had been woven into the story. I would rate this audiobook at four and a half out of five stars. It has yummy sounding recipes included.”
The Brodsky Affair “This audiobook is a thriller set in the international art world! It is a very long and meant to be savored over time. It isn't suitable for those who want to listen to a shorter story that can be wrapped up within a few hours. The book starts out detailing the lives of some of the characters and setting the stage for the action that comes later on. The characters are involved with the art world, such as dealers, collectors, appraisers, researchers, thieves, and law enforcement specializing in art theft. The storyline is a mixture of culture and grit, set in Britain, Russia, and France. The action goes on and on! A financially struggling art dealer is one of the main characters. He searches for art to buy and then resell at a profit. He lives for finding lost important works of art. Another character is an unscrupulous art collector, who is willing to obtain desired works for his collection by whatever means is necessary, including using hired thugs and assassins. Author Ken Fry spins a well written tale, which will appeal to those who love art and thrilling action. This is a complete book and doesn't have a true cliffhanger ending, although the ending alludes to future danger and continuation. The narrator, Stephen Holloway, is phenomenal! He has a smooth voice with a dreamy accent. He gives a fantastic performance, including the foreign phrases. He is truly talented and has the kind of voice that could be talking about anything and people would still want to listen. Fortunately, his ability is an asset to an already wonderful story, rather than a cover up attempt at making a mundane tale interesting. I really liked the story and give this audiobook a five star rating! I appreciate long, detailed stories that develop over time. The book had plenty of tension, thrilling action, and danger.”
Murder In Calistoga “This audiobook is excellent! I give it a five star rating. A boutique hotel, spa, wine, and good food are part of a unique storyline set in Calistoga, CA. Listeners can picture themselves being there, enjoying the delights of a relaxing and scenic vacation. A group of friends travel to the opening of a small boutique hotel for a destination reunion. Unfortunately, a murder occurs, which certainly puts a damper on their stay. This is a well thought out cozy murder mystery. The characters seem very real. Several suspects are unveiled, along with possible reasons for committing the murder. Liz Lucas and her husband are at the hotel for a getaway weekend and help the police with the investigation. Their dog accompanies them and adds to the plot. I would highly recommend this audiobook to others.”
Catch Handle “I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this audiobook! It will appeal to horse lovers. The plot revolves around the Arabian horse show world and show barns. The characters are horse owners, horse breeders, veterinarians, farriers, people who show, and various associates. The story clops along at a steady pace. I found myself waiting for something awful to happen to the main character, Vivian, as the tension builds in the plot. Vivian juggles a light romance with two different men during the story, as well as her veterinary career and showing horses. Dogs and a cat are included too. Author Alison O'Mara has a nice writing style. Her characters have distinct personalities and seem like real people. Some are quite admirable. Others are likeable despite their flaws. A couple of the characters will remind the listener of someone whom they dislike. Narrator Stephanie Richardson gives a good performance and has a lovely voice.”
Northern Lights “I enjoyed listening to this audiobook! It is a really good story of of a woman, whose life is in transition. As she struggles to cope with the changes in her life, she realizes something odd is occurring at her temporary job. Her curiosity leads to danger. Of note, the challenges faced by the main character at the beginning of the story aren't as great or as serious as the description of this book led me to believe. I was expecting someone in more dire circumstances, experiencing a lot of hardship. The main character was very likeable. I appreciated her bravery in facing up to her fears. This is a complete story, without a cliffhanger ending. It is short, however. I would have liked it to have been longer, with more to the plot around the happenings at the new job. The romance developed very hastily as well. Getting to the conclusion of the story seemed rushed. Nevertheless, I thought the book was good and would recommend it to others. I really liked this book!”
Murder on the Brewster Flats “This is such a good audiobook! Gus and Camille LeGarde are back and go on a vacation to Paines Creek Beach in Cape Cod. They just want to spend time at the beach, dine out, relax, and enjoy alone time together. But adventure comes into their lives once again. They meet local people through circumstances and become embroiled in their troubled lives. The possibility of discovering pirate treasure adds a mysterious element. This audiobook is packed with adventure and mystery! Gus and Camille meet new friends and also characters from the Paines Creek Beach series. I liked the crossover. Danger abounds. I could hardly wait to hear what would happen next and if they would survive. I appreciated several mysteries being woven into the plot. Of course a new villain is encountered! Author Aaron Paul Lazar is such a wonderful writer! Narrator Pete Milan has a nice voice and gives an excellent performance too. I would highly recommend this audiobook to others. I give it a five star rating.”
Deadly Shore “I really liked this audiobook! The story was exciting and had lots of adventure. The plot is about a fight for survival during a hurricane, thugs, and a terrorist threat. The story was well-written. Author Andrew Cunningham tells a good tale! Narrator Greg Hernandez gave a good performance and had a voice suited for a book with lots of thrilling drama. I give this audiobook a five star rating and definitely recommend it to others.”
Sanctuary “This audiobook has lots of action and excitement! The plot is filled with danger. Marcella and Quinn just seem to be trouble magnets. This time, it comes from Quinn's Native American side of the family. The story moves along at a fast pace. Narrator Gwendolyn Druyor has a great voice! You can hear her smile during the poignant moments. Aaron Paul Lazar is a talented author. This audiobook is not quite as good as the first two books in the series but is certainly a really good story. It is a complete story. I enjoyed listening to it!”
Betrayal “Just when life should have been perfect for Marcella Hollister, additional troubles come her way. She is faced with the heart-wrenching loss of custody of the baby girl she and her husband Quinn adopted. They are having marital issues. Marcella's first boyfriend, Sky, returns to the story. Then unneeded danger and peril abound. Will Marcella and Quinn split up? Will anyone survive? This is a really good mystery, mixed with romance! It is filled with emotion and danger. Add a serial killer to the mix, and the story explodes. Listeners will feel Marcella's anger and empathize with her. Author Aaron Paul Lazar is an excellent writer! Narrator Gwendolyn Druyor gives a great performance!”
Valentino “I loved this audiobook! The story was so good! I rate it five stars! Two teen strangers are shipwrecked on opposite sides of an island during a storm. This is a tale of their fight for survival. The lone horse on the island befriends them. An amazing bond forges between the horse and the teens. This is a feel good story, which brings tears to the eyes. Listeners will not be disappointed with the ending. The book isn't a cliffhanger. I loved the description from the horse's point of view of living on the island and his longing for human companionship again! It moved me deeply and reminded me of why I love horses so much. I could hardly wait to hear what would happen next. Author Laura Hesse has written a very good story. Narrator Shelley Reece has a nice voice and did a fantastic job with the performance.”
Essentially Yours “This audiobook is fantastic! It has danger, romance, adventure, and good versus evil woven into mystery. I was eager to hear what would happen next! This is book two in the Tall Pines Mystery series. It is a complete story and listeners do not need to have listened to or read book one in the series prior to this audiobook. Marcella's agoraphobic best friend Callie is abducted after Callie receives a package from her long lost brother Sky, who was also Marcella's first love. Marcella and her husband Quinn search for clues and answers. Peril awaits along the way. I liked how the characters discovered essential oils. The descriptions of the fragrances and their healing properties made me itch to try them along with the people in the story. The narrator gave a great performance. Aaron Paul Lazar is a talented author! I rate this audiobook five stars!”
Sanctuary “This audiobook has lots of action and excitement! The plot is filled with danger. It has some violence but isn't overly graphic. Marcella and Quinn just seem to be trouble magnets. This time, it comes from Quinn's Native American side of the family. The story moves along at a fast pace. I thought the descriptions of the essential oils used for their healing properties added to the story. I could smell them vicariously! Narrator Gwendolyn Druyor has a great voice. You can hear her smile during the poignant moments. This audiobook is not quite as good as the first two books in the series but is certainly a really good story. I enjoyed listening to it!”
Overdose “Overdose is the third audiobook in the Ash Suspense Thriller series. Although it is a stand alone book, listeners will understand the nuances in the plot more fully if they have listened to the other two books in the series, especially book one. In the first book, the heroine, Ash, is treated by a doctor, who is portrayed as unremarkable and somewhat clueless. He plays a minor role in book one. In this book, number three, Doctor Patel is definitely not a dull character. The doctor has a whole other side to him that I didn't see coming! It left my assumptions in the dust. Are you one of those people who put physicians on a pedestal or someone who tends to be somewhat mistrustful and skeptical about the medical opinions of the doctors you encounter? You may never view your doctors in the same way again! Overdose has a fast-paced storyline, which will keep listeners awaiting what will happen next. It has intricate characters and delves into what has shaped their lives. I appreciate the logic in the plot, which is well thought out. This sells the story for me and makes everything so believable. The descriptions of Indian cuisine and culture appeal to the senses. I love how the plot is so unique! This audiobook by Uvi Poznansky is well-written! The narrator, Heather Jane Hogan, does a phenomenal job with the voices of the various characters, as well as her delivery of the story.”
For the Birds “I thoroughly enjoyed this audiobook! It has plot twists and quirks. The characters have depth and are well developed, for example, the mother/mother-in-law who gets on everyone's nerves but still manages to be lovable. The couple who are two of the main characters seem so real and likeable. This audiobook is unique and original, such as the bird themed luxury hotel. I appreciated how several mysteries are woven into the story. Aaron Paul Lazar is a wonderful writer and tells a really good tale! The narrator does a really great job with bringing this audiobook to life, as well as portraying the various characters. I would highly recommend this audiobook to others.”
Virtually Lace “The plot of this audiobook is really good! I liked how a murder scene was built into a virtual reality program in order to see if it could shed light on the crime. The characters have distinct personalities with quirks. The narrator had a nice voice; however, I didn't like his performance of the main female characters. He used a falsetto that sounded really weird and too contrived. It was an unwelcome distraction to the story. I would have preferred if it was toned down towards normal, which would have made this audiobook so much better. The story had an odd sex scene during the epilogue, which wasn't my cup of tea. Otherwise, the story was five star.”
Voodoo Summer: a Gus LeGarde Mystery “This is the story of Gus LeGarde spending another summer at his grandparents' lakeside resort. Gus is now age thirteen. He experiences many darker adventures this summer. Gus is growing up and sees more of the evil in the world. Along the way, he enjoys the simple pleasures of good food and making new friends. Gus discovers a renewed appreciation for the love of his parents and family. Of course Gus and his friends go through heart-pounding adventures and have new mysteries to uncover! For fans of the Gus LeGarde series, Siegfried Marggrander's boating accident and brain injury occur in this book. This event is referred to in the adult Gus LeGarde series books. This is a not a children's book. This mystery is not cozy. It is appropriate for adults and older teens. This audiobook is really good! It is well-written and filled with adventure and mystery!”
Ash Suspense Thrillers: Trilogy “I really enjoyed this series! Each book is a stand alone suspense thriller. All have plenty of action, as well as twists and turns. One of the things that I like the most about this series is author Uvi Poznansky's ability to turn what could be mundane, ordinary events into exciting adventures. In book one, Coma, who knew that being in a coma and coming out of it could be such an interesting adventure? In book two, Overkill, the heroine, Ash is hoping to get back to leading a normal life, but more adventures come her way. The surprises in the plot kept me eagerly listening. In book three, Overdose, just when listeners think that the doctor who treated Ash during her coma was clueless and mediocre, his character comes to life. His disturbing personality is revealed. The narrator, Heather Jane Hogan, does an excellent job. Her voice has the perfect amount of excitement. I liked her portrayal of the various characters' voices. I will definitely want to listen to other books in this series!”
Tremolo: cry of the loon “This audiobook is so good! It is the story of Gus when he was a boy and his summer adventures at his grandparents' lakeside resort. Gus and his friends enjoy the simple pleasures of boating, swimming, horseback riding, and treks through the woods. The book paints a nostalgic picture of childhood from 1964. I loved the descriptions of Gus spending part of his allowance on penny candy, soda, and comic books. Gus also enjoys delicious berries and cherries. He hangs out with the older teens who work at the camp during their spare time, watching William build a model car and listening to Beatles songs on the radio. Author Aaron Paul Lazar has a wonderful writing style and makes everyday events seem special. However, the story isn't only about rosy memories of the past. Gus and his friends have quite a few harrowing experiences along the way. I could hardly wait to listen to what would happen next. Narrator Erik Synnestvedt has a pleasant voice and brings the story to life with a sense of excitement.”
Don’t Let the Wind Catch You “Young Gus LeGarde befriends a reclusive man and the friendly spirit of an Indian girl. Gus is intrigued after learning about snippets of events from the past. His curiosity compels him to uncover unanswered questions about his grandfather and area history. This is a really good audiobook! If you like ghost stories and nostalgic pre-teen adventures, this would be a good book for you. It isn't dark and evil. It briefly touches on same gender romance, without going into specific detail. Aaron Paul Lazar is a really good writer! I would recommend this audiobook to others.”
The Asylum: a Carmen Garcia romantic suspense novel “I loved this audio book! It was so good! The story line started out with an attention grabbing event and continued to build and build as the story unfolded. Towards the end, I was on the edge of my seat, fearful, but eagerly awaiting what would happen next. This audio book had lots of tension and drama! The characters were likeable and engaging. The story wasn't predicable. The narrator did a great job. This book would make a great screenplay too. I would highly recommend this audio book to others.”
The Seacrest: a love story “Aaron Paul Lazar is a truly gifted writer, who has brought to life an amazing story of love and forgiveness. The book builds as it progresses. It became so good that I couldn't stop listening! The storyline shifts between the past and the future in the characters' lives before merging into an unexpected ending. It has depth. It is a story of life lessons rather than a simple romance. I felt like I grew as a person through sharing the emotional experience. I wish that I could rate this audiobook higher than five stars! I would highly recommend this gem to others!”
The Seacroft: a love story “Aaron Paul Lazar is a talented writer. This audiobook exceeded my expectations! I thought that it would be a steamy love story, but it is so much more. A story of reverse sexual harassment is woven into the story. A beautiful, mature and female employer takes advantage of a very attractive, young male employee. The narrator puts on a fantastic voice for the employer, who is cast as an evil woman, the listener can't help but hate. I found their encounters dark, rather than sexy. The villainess has a very similar name to an actual author, which adds an element of humor that is not a part of the story. The male employee falls for an age appropriate female coworker, while in his messed up work situation. Their romance turns into an epic tale of love. The latter portion of the book has twists and turns. The ending is emotionally beautiful. It is so good that it brought tears to my eyes! I would recommend this audiobook to adult listeners.”
The Seadog “This is a really, really good audiobook! Aaron Paul Lazar is a very gifted writer, with so much talent! I thoroughly enjoyed this story and would recommend it to others. The characters are vibrant and unique. I loved the way the story made me think about the ordinary people that I see around me in a different light. The narrator is fantastic too. This audiobook is so much more than a simple romance. It inspires emotions from the listener and is truly a gem!”
Double Forté “Double Forte is a fantastic story! Aaron Paul Lazar has quite the storytelling gift! The story progresses through the simple joys and sorrows of family life, along with a lot of drama and adventure. Large portions of the story are mesmerizing. I didn't want to stop listening! One of the things that I like the most about this book is the humanity of the characters. I felt like I was there and part of the family. I appreciated the good versus evil values throughout the story as well. The narrator did a good job; however, his voice sounds unremarkable and too ordinary. I think this audiobook would be even better with a different narrator, who has a natural dramatic tone to his voice. Despite this, I enjoyed this audiobook so much and would definitely recommend it to others!”
Upstaged “I really like this audiobook! The plot is so good! Someone is out to sabotage a high school musical. Someone is committing malicious acts. Who is it and why? As the story unfolds, the family at the center of the book enjoys the simple pleasures of life; nature's bounty from their garden, meals with family and friends, additions to their family, and cherishing their children. The listener feels like they are part of the family and experiences vicarious joy and fear. This audiobook even has songs to accompany the descriptions of the musical production. Aaron Paul Lazar is a gifted author and takes the listener on a journey! I would highly recommend this audiobook to other listerners!”
Mazurka “I loved this audiobook! It is filled with adventure, danger, romance, mystery, hatred, and bigotry, I cheered for the main characters as they endured life-threatening situations and escaped peril. The characters are so likeable and soon seem like familiar friends. They are unique and so real. The narrator is different from the first two books in the series, and his voice suits this book. He did a wonderful job! Although this audiobook is a standalone, listeners may have a better appreciation for the depth of the characters if they listen to the first two books in the series, Double Forte and Upstaged, prior to listening to this book. Aaron Paul Lazar is an amazing writer and this audiobook is one of my favorites! If you want to listen to a really good audiobook, try this one!”
FireSong: The Secret Room “This audiobook has many elements of adventure, wrapped up in a fictitious mystery of historical events from the past. The storyline has severe storms, a wildfire, underground railroad stops, hidden rooms, salt mine caverns, and corpse discoveries. The plot has plenty of action and danger, mixed in with domestic family gatherings and meals. Aaron Paul Lazar is a wonderful author! This book is so original! The narrator does a great job, despite his portrayal of the church minister. In the opening chapters of the book, the voice of the minister could easily be found in a Scooby Doo cartoon. The performance turns the minister into an inept officiant, who seems incapable of providing leadership to his flock. I was laughing hysterically! The minister is described later in the audiobook as someone known for good sermons and as a beloved church leader that the congregation would hate to lose, so the performance is definitely not accurate for the character. Also, the narrator's tone seemed to change when speaking about the minister or the church. I got the impression the narrator is not a fan of organized religion and was being disrespectful to the beliefs of others. However, the performance is highly entertaining, so the narrator is forgiven. Of note, this is not a religious work. The church and the minister have a small part in the plot. I would definitely recommend this audiobook to anyone who likes a good mystery, with a lot of adventure included along the way.”
The Liar’s Gallery “The Liar's Gallery is a really good audiobook! The LeGardes discover that a painting hanging on their wall in the family home may be quite valuable. They search their attic for possible clues about the provenance and come across forgotten treasures and additional mystery. Listeners will feel like they want to be in the attic too, searching for clues and uncovering secrets from the past. As typical in the Gus LeGarde series, action and danger are interspersed with the simple pleasures of family life. This book in the series has quite a bit of family drama, mainly due to teenage daughter Shelby, who has discovered boys and a need for independence. This audiobook never has a dull moment! The narrator delivers the story very nicely. The listener can hear the smile in the narrator's voice during many of this book's poignant moments.”
My Own Voice “This is a mesmerizing story of a young woman searching for love inside of her own life and marriage. The narrative unfolds in the first person. At times, Anita is not likeable. She believes every man finds her irresistible and acts the part. She is self-absorbed and self-centered. She can be manipulative. But as the listener starts to understand her, empathy begins to develop. Anita was molested while growing up. She knows what it is like to be poor and has been homeless. She falls hard for an older man, who reminds her of her father. She desperately wants to be loved by him. Anita knows she looks just like her husband's first wife and wonders if her husband really loves her. He seems to want Anita to be like his former wife, instead of loving her as a unique individual and woman. Her husband doesn't seem to value and cherish Anita or love her like she deserves to be loved. The narrator does a really great job. However, the southern accent is weird. Anita has grown up in Southern California near Santa Monica and her voice should sound like she comes from that area, not the south. Anita's character is deep, intense, and complex. This would be a good book club pick. The listener will want to discuss aspects of the book with others to see what they thought. This audiobook doesn't have a cliffhanger ending.”
Lady Blues: forget-me-not “This audiobook is a beautiful story of a love that was lost and is found again in the latter years of life. A wonder drug for patients with chronic memory issues restores brain function. If only this could happen in real life! A mystery from the past unfolds and is solved. The historic aspects add to the mystery. Aaron Paul Lazar's Gus LeGarde series is really good. This audiobook is wonderful! The narrator has a nice voice and puts on a good performance.”
The Treasure of Portsmouth Island “This is a very good adventure story of treasure, greed, and murder on Portsmouth Island in the Outer Banks. It has an interesting cast of characters, including a shady evangelist, a beach-combing treasure hunter, a shark fisherman with a prosthetic leg, college students, a former Secret Service Special Agent, a couple in law enforcement & their children, thugs, a grandfather, and a special teenage granddaughter. Portions of the story seem a bit far-fetched in the latter part of the book, but the plot is exciting. The narrator had a nice voice and did a great job with the various characters.”
Murder In Cottonwood Springs “I really enjoyed this audio book! The story was well-written. I really liked the character insights and learning about their psychological motivations. The book captured and held my attention from beginning to end. It had romance. It had villains and characters that are very likeable. Although the narrator had a pleasant voice, a couple of the female character voices were performed as high pitched, baby like voices. Personally, I found this annoying and it got on my nerves. I would have preferred normal adult instead of overly cutesy. Fortunately, these characters had very minor roles and were barely part of the story. I would definitely recommend this audio book to others. I look forward to listening to other books in the series.”
Devil’s Creek “This audiobook is so good! It is filled with drama, passion, and excitement! Murphy, the villain from the first book in the Devil's Creek series is now behind bars. This book opens with Grace and her husband Anderson, in the present. They are going through a rocky patch in their marriage, as a new, sick villain emerges. Their love story is told through scenes from the past and present. Portions of the book are upbeat and embrace the happy moments in life, in a similar style to the Gus LeGarde series. The plot is not all sunshine, however. It has very sensual descriptions, including twisted behavior. It is definitely not cozy or sweet. The storyline is fast-paced and excellent. Grace wasn't entirely likeable in the first book in the series, so I questioned the choice of her as a main character. But as the plot unfolds, the listener will view Grace as very human, a likeable someone with flaws trying to overcome the past. I ended up enjoying this book so much more than the first one. The dark parts were offset by beautiful scenes of life and family. I found it to be nicely balanced. Aaron Paul Lazar is certainly a gifted writer. If you are looking for a story with substance, this is it.”
Devil’s Lake “This is a really good audiobook! It is intense and dark. It is the story of a woman's escape from the man who held her captive and her abduction and abuse. The storyline seems very real and could be an account of an actual event. Although chilling, I thought that the descriptions of the emotional impact on the victim during the abuse lacked some depth. I imagined what she would have felt and wanted the narrative to show a greater understanding of the victim's feelings and the absolute terror that she must have felt. Nevertheless, this audiobook is very good. I appreciated the author's sincere effort to cast light on the impact to female victims of abduction and captivity. This audiobook is definitely not cozy. It is also not sleazy bondage tale for those who get off on that. This is a story of a woman's survival and escape from a horrific experience.”
Devil’s Spring “This is the third book in the Bittersweet Hollow series and is really good! I liked how the characters were going through hard times, just like so many real people have in their lives. It was wonderful that they had each other to rely on and could come together. Just when I thought these families couldn't possibly go through any additional challenges, they became victims of a child trafficking ring. They are truly trouble magnets! The narrator does a fantastic job. The author, Aaron Paul Lazar, is a gifted writer. I connected with the characters and felt their emotions. I definitely would recommend this audiobook to others.”
Coma Confidential “Who knew that being in a coma could be so exciting? The heroine, Ash, is a crime victim. She has a level of consciousness, of which the doctors and her visitors are unaware. She gradually returns to life and then has quite the adventure. This audiobook is well-written. The narrator gives a great performance too.”
The Disappearance of Billy Moore “Sam Moore, recently retired, finds a beautiful marble in the ground, while working on his family property. Touching the marble opens a psychic connection to Sam's childhood and to his brother, Billy. Billy disappeared at age eleven and has been missing for almost 50 years. When Sam travels into his past, he has immersive experiences, feeling the emotions of his younger self, including taste and smell. The storyline shifts between the present and the past. What happened to Billy all those years ago? Is he still alive? Will Sam discover the truth? This audiobook has poignant descriptions of family and boyhood memories. It is packed with adventure during the latter portion of the book as the mystery unfolds. There are no demons, witches, werewolves, fantasy worlds, or characters with superpowers in this audiobook. Sam's visions are restricted to time travel into specific memories and events from his past.”
Terror Comes Knocking “This audiobook is the second in the Green Marble Mystery series. Retired doctor Sam Moore just wants to work in his garden and enjoy some peace after his adventures in the first book in this series. But life has a way of interfering with plans. One challenge after another is thrown his way. Additionally, Sam becomes embroiled in a new mystery. Billy, Sam's deceased brother, reaches out to Sam to help. Through a psychic connection from a green marble, Sam is transported to places in the past and the present. Sam experiences scenes that Billy believes will provide Sam with clues. Danger and adventure await.”
For Keeps “I really enjoyed listening to this audiobook! I could hardly wait to find out what happened next. This is the third book in the Green Marble Mystery series. Sam's deceased brother, Billy, connects to Sam through a green marble. Sam time travels to the past and present to experiences that Billy wants Sam be in. Their psychic connection through the marble becomes deeper and more intense in this book. Every human being has a mental list of secret fears that they wouldn't want to happen to them in their life. Sam Moore goes through two of the ones on his list in this audiobook. Listeners will feel Sam's emotions vicariously! Author Aaron Paul Lazar has the ability to take readers on this journey. I felt like I was there. The narrator did a wonderful job.”
Candidate for Murder “I really liked this audiobook! It had humor. The narrator did a really good job. I loved Narly, the dog character! This is the twelfth book in the Mac Faraday series. I hadn't listened to or read any of the previous books in this series prior to listening to this audiobook, which is a standalone. It was easy to understand the plot. The book did have a lot of unique characters, and I found that it helped me to make a list of them as I listened. This is a long audiobook. The various characters are really interesting people, many of which are talented or wealthy. The story didn't drag and held the listener's attention.”