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The safest place they know is about to become the most dangerous. 

Marcella’s husband, Quinn “Black Eagle” Hollister, severed ties to his family and friends on the Seneca reservation years ago. He rarely mentions his past—until his young cousin Kitty collapses on the couple’s doorstep in the dead of a rainswept night.

After two Seneca men break into their home with intent to kill, the Hollisters flee with the mute and injured girl to Tall Pines, their cabin in the Adirondacks. Marcella, unable to bear a child of her own, unleashes her motherly instincts caring for Kitty. As the girl slowly recovers, they start to piece together who wants them dead, and why. But their pursuers are canny and relentless. The next attack drives the trio from the sanctuary of Tall Pines, deep into the mountain wilderness.In spite of their best efforts, the unthinkable happens and Kitty is kidnapped. Marcella and Quinn track her back to Tall Pines–where they find themselves facing an army of murderous Seneca. 

They’ll stop at nothing to protect their dark secret.

1 review for Sanctuary

  1. Suzanne Nelson

    This audiobook has lots of action and excitement! The plot is filled with danger. Marcella and Quinn just seem to be trouble magnets. This time, it comes from Quinn’s Native American side of the family. The story moves along at a fast pace.

    Narrator Gwendolyn Druyor has a great voice! You can hear her smile during the poignant moments. Aaron Paul Lazar is a talented author.

    This audiobook is not quite as good as the first two books in the series but is certainly a really good story. It is a complete story. I enjoyed listening to it!

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