The Liar’s Gallery

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The last place Gus LeGarde expects to find his old friend Byron Cunningham is in a plane that crashes in a field near his farmhouse. But that’s just the first surprise in a series of shocking events beginning with the discovery of a Monet painting crammed into the plane’s fuselage.

Is it real? Or fake? The trail leads Gus into a twisting trio of dangerous art world conspiracies. Gus fends off some very pushy collectors and soon realizes he may have crossed paths with treacherous criminals, putting his family at risk. As if that isn’t enough, he must also contend with a problem that’s close to his heart: his daughter, Shelby, is growing up too fast. She’s determined to sing professionally and is now under the spell of a wolf in tenor’s clothing, handsome Greek student Dmitri. When she vanishes with the family car, her frantic parents desperately chase the fading trail. A slew of Facebook messages on Shelby’s computer lead them to The Eastman School of Music, where both Shelby’s new flame and Gus’s old friend have been hiding secrets linked to the art scandal. There’s a real Monet out there somewhere, and nothing – including murder – will stop the desperate man who wants it.

2 reviews for The Liar’s Gallery

  1. Suzanne Nelson

    The Liar’s Gallery is a really good audiobook! The LeGardes discover that a painting hanging on their wall in the family home may be quite valuable. They search their attic for possible clues about the provenance and come across forgotten treasures and additional mystery. Listeners will feel like they want to be in the attic too, searching for clues and uncovering secrets from the past. As typical in the Gus LeGarde series, action and danger are interspersed with the simple pleasures of family life. This book in the series has quite a bit of family drama, mainly due to teenage daughter Shelby, who has discovered boys and a need for independence. This audiobook never has a dull moment! The narrator delivers the story very nicely. The listener can hear the smile in the narrator’s voice during many of this book’s poignant moments.

  2. Faith

    There are a lot of twists and turns in this mystery which made it a real “page turner”. I was barely able to stop listening to do my daily chores and listened in the evening until I was so tired I couldn’t stay awake. The way Mr. Lazar details the scenes and activities in their family adds so much to the story. It reminds me of Charles Dickens’ style, one of my favorite authors. The descriptions make me feel like I know the characters personally and am actually viewing the scenes. I love a good mystery! Mr. Lazar writes some of the best!

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