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When Gus LeGarde agrees to play piano for the high school drama club’s production of “Spirit Me Away”, a ’60s-style musical he wrote in college, he doesn’t expect to face a barrage of menacing pranks played on his fiancée, Camille, and the drama club.

Who’s sabotaging the show? And what do they have against Camille? Is it sex-crazed Armand, the Latino teen infatuated with her? Something happened last year that Camille won’t talk about, and it has to do with Armand. Gus wants to know what happened, but she’s not talking. Could it be Superintendent Marshall, whose past holds horrific secrets related to one of the worst crimes of the 20th century? And why did someone break into Camille’s home to steal her beloved mini-dachshund, Boris?

Gus must unravel the mystery before the backstage saboteur stakes his final, deadly claim.

2 reviews for Upstaged

  1. Suzanne Nelson

    I really like this audiobook! The plot is so good! Someone is out to sabotage a high school musical. Someone is committing malicious acts. Who is it and why? As the story unfolds, the family at the center of the book enjoys the simple pleasures of life; nature’s bounty from their garden, meals with family and friends, additions to their family, and cherishing their children. The listener feels like they are part of the family and experiences vicarious joy and fear. This audiobook even has songs to accompany the descriptions of the musical production. Aaron Paul Lazar is a gifted author and takes the listener on a journey! I would highly recommend this audiobook to other listerners!

  2. Faith

    Okay, only two books into the series and I am totally hooked! The content is wonderful, though I could do without some of the language. The characters are fascinating and likeable; the humor is just like I prefer it; the mystery intriguing; the narration is superb! On to the next book!

    I requested this audiobook from Audiobooks Unleashed and have voluntarily left this review.

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