The Brodsky Affair

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“From go to whoa, it was a book that carried you along on a tumultuous ride through the high-powered circles of the art elite.”

” I found the setting here to be tremendously powerful. The mystery itself is classy and intelligent, and develops into a killer of a finale…. Try this one if you like your art-heist thrillers to be gritty, real, and steeped in history.”

Lost art. Murder. A collector who will stop at nothing.

The Brodsky Affair will keep you on the edge of your seat as Ken Fry weaves a tale of murder, mystery, and intrigue.

Jack Manton, an art dealer, and his partner, Tamsin Greene, did not expect to be targets of assassination attempts. But when they began to track down the lost paintings of Russian artist, Mikhail Brodsky, now worth millions… that is what happened.

Get your copy and hop on a roller-coaster ride!

3 reviews for The Brodsky Affair

  1. Tom Casey

    This is a very well written story. Fast action, full of action, twists and turns galore. You will not want to put it down.
    The characters draw you in and you are soon a part of the action.
    A superb plot.
    This review is based on an audiobook I received free from and wanted to give an honest review.
    The narrator I feel is second to none, very well read and a lovely clear voice. Stephen Holloway really adds to this story and brings it to life.

  2. Shirley Forrest Nomakeo

    I received a free copy of this audiobook from Audiobooks Unleashed in exchange for an honest review.
    Espionage, intrigue, and murder interweave this story with a dual plot. Michael Brodsky paints his last canvas as his town is overrun by the German occupiers and he is taken to a concentration camp with his incomplete painting rolled up and hidden on his person. The artist loses his life and the fate and existence of his treasured last work is unknown. Years later his earlier works are sought by private collectors willing to pay any price for the rare Russian realism . The story held my interest and the narration was excellent.

  3. Suzanne Nelson

    This audiobook is a thriller set in the international art world! It is a very long and meant to be savored over time. It isn’t suitable for those who want to listen to a shorter story that can be wrapped up within a few hours. The book starts out detailing the lives of some of the characters and setting the stage for the action that comes later on. The characters are involved with the art world, such as dealers, collectors, appraisers, researchers, thieves, and law enforcement specializing in art theft. The storyline is a mixture of culture and grit, set in Britain, Russia, and France. The action goes on and on!

    A financially struggling art dealer is one of the main characters. He searches for art to buy and then resell at a profit. He lives for finding lost important works of art. Another character is an unscrupulous art collector, who is willing to obtain desired works for his collection by whatever means is necessary, including using hired thugs and assassins.

    Author Ken Fry spins a well written tale, which will appeal to those who love art and thrilling action. This is a complete book and doesn’t have a true cliffhanger ending, although the ending alludes to future danger and continuation.

    The narrator, Stephen Holloway, is phenomenal! He has a smooth voice with a dreamy accent. He gives a fantastic performance, including the foreign phrases. He is truly talented and has the kind of voice that could be talking about anything and people would still want to listen. Fortunately, his ability is an asset to an already wonderful story, rather than a cover up attempt at making a mundane tale interesting.

    I really liked the story and give this audiobook a five star rating! I appreciate long, detailed stories that develop over time. The book had plenty of tension, thrilling action, and danger.

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