Candidate for Murder

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It’s election time in Spencer, Maryland, and the race for mayor is not a pretty one. In recent years, the small resort town has become divided between the year-round residents who enjoy their rural way of life and the city dwellers who are moving into mansions, taking over the town council, and proceeding to turn Deep Creek Lake into a closed-gate community – complete with a host of regulations for everything from speed limits to clotheslines.

When the political parties force-feed two unsavory mayoral nominees to the town’s residents, David O’Callaghan, the chief of police, decides to make a statement – by nominating Gnarly, Mac Faraday’s German shepherd, to run for mayor of Spencer!

What starts out as a joke turns into a disaster when overnight, Gnarly becomes the frontrunner, and his political opponents proceed to dig into the canine’s past. When one of the mayoral candidates ends up dead, it becomes apparent that slinging mud is not enough for someone with a stake in this election.

With murder on the ballot, Mac Faraday and the gang – including old friends from past cases – dive in to clear Gnarly’s name, catch a killer, and save Spencer!

2 reviews for Candidate for Murder

  1. Suzanne Nelson

    I really liked this audiobook! It had humor. The narrator did a really good job. I loved Narly, the dog character! This is the twelfth book in the Mac Faraday series. I hadn’t listened to or read any of the previous books in this series prior to listening to this audiobook, which is a standalone. It was easy to understand the plot. The book did have a lot of unique characters, and I found that it helped me to make a list of them as I listened. This is a long audiobook. The various characters are really interesting people, many of which are talented or wealthy. The story didn’t drag and held the listener’s attention.

  2. Julie Howard

    I loved this book. This book was so much fun and just the idea that a dog could be mayor had me laughing and plugging in my ear buds and to be honest I think the way the world is that politicians would actually get more voters if a dog was a candidate. However it is so much more than that. There is a lot of characters because the elections throws up three murder cases that different family members focus on as they try to get Gnarly elected. This makes for three very different but interesting cases as the ripple effect spreads and I was hooked until the very end. It might sound confusing but I have heard a few of the books in the series and this helped to keep the relationships and characters straight, so you might want to read or listen to some of the other books first, I loved the characters especially Gnarly and even the computer butler, both who had me chuckling most of the time. There was also a lot of action, things blowing up and even some heroic dog rescuing of cats from burning buildings (hehe). I can’t wait for the next book.
    Fed up with the two candidates for the new mayoral face Spence police chief nominates his brother’s dog Gnarly as a joke. When things snowball out of hand and Gnarly gets his own campaign manger it looks like he might win the election and his opponents resort to dirty tactics by digging up Gnarly’s past. Just how many skeletons in the closet can a dog have? The opponents dig deep and find his service record, of the time he spent in Afghanistan. Mac and the team must clear Gnarly’s name by un sealing his army record and finding out what really happened to his old handler. But the dirty tactics don’t stop there and one of the other candidates is murdered and with Gnarly having no alibi for the time of the murder, things don’t look good. The whole family rallies behind Gnarly to clear his name for both murders but will they do it in time for the big vote?
    I like the narrator. He seems a bit gruff when he first starts talking but I quickly grew to like his manner of speaking and he does some good male and female voices.
    I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request from audiobooksunleashed and have voluntarily left this review

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