Devil’s Spring

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When Grace, her husband, and her baby girl are forced to move home, it isn’t all bad. Along with her sister and her toddler son, Grace soon finds a way to improve her finances by entering riding competitions with her family’s gorgeous horses. But the homecoming takes a horrific turn when the babies abducted, sending both new mothers on a frantic search with few leads. Lollie Belvedere didn’t know her adopted children would turn out to be kidnapping victims. But something in her snaps when she’s forced to return the babies—now she’ll do whatever it takes to get them back.


1 review for Devil’s Spring

  1. Suzanne Nelson

    This is the third book in the Bittersweet Hollow series and is really good! I liked how the characters were going through hard times, just like so many real people have in their lives. It was wonderful that they had each other to rely on and could come together. Just when I thought these families couldn’t possibly go through any additional challenges, they became victims of a child trafficking ring. They are truly trouble magnets! The narrator does a fantastic job. The author, Aaron Paul Lazar, is a gifted writer. I connected with the characters and felt their emotions. I definitely would recommend this audiobook to others.

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