The Disappearance of Billy Moore

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Fifty years ago, Sam Moore’s little brother, Billy, vanished without a trace – leaving Sam with guilt that haunts him to this day.

Fifty years with no body, no leads, and no answers. Until now.

When Sam unearths a mysterious green marble buried in his garden, he’s shocked to find himself transported back in time – to Billy. Whisked between past and present with no warning, and receiving only glimpses of their childhood, he struggles to unlock the secret of his brother’s fate.

But the marble isn’t the only secret the ground holds. Further digging uncovers human remains – the legacy of a serial killer who’s been targeting one boy every five years since Billy vanished. The next five-year mark is coming up fast. And now Sam’s grandson may be in the killer’s sights.

Can Sam tie the past with the present and unravel the mystery of his brother’s disappearance – before the killer strikes again?

1 review for The Disappearance of Billy Moore

  1. Suzanne Nelson

    Sam Moore, recently retired, finds a beautiful marble in the ground, while working on his family property. Touching the marble opens a psychic connection to Sam’s childhood and to his brother, Billy. Billy disappeared at age eleven and has been missing for almost 50 years. When Sam travels into his past, he has immersive experiences, feeling the emotions of his younger self, including taste and smell. The storyline shifts between the present and the past. What happened to Billy all those years ago? Is he still alive? Will Sam discover the truth? This audiobook has poignant descriptions of family and boyhood memories. It is packed with adventure during the latter portion of the book as the mystery unfolds. There are no demons, witches, werewolves, fantasy worlds, or characters with superpowers in this audiobook. Sam’s visions are restricted to time travel into specific memories and events from his past.

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