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Welcome To Ruby’s “KC Luck Never fails to deliver!” It was as very good book that was hard to put down when reading it. I felt the same way when listening to it. The story was well written and was Narrated so well that it made me yearn to keep listening to find out what happens next. Well done!””
The Rules of Engagement “Loved it! I’ve always liked this story of Max & Ruby in this series. Listening to them was just as pleasurable. The narrator: Teri Clark Linden is spot on. You can’t go wrong by giving this audiobook a chance ... Bravo to both Author and Narrator! 5⭐️”
Out of the Shadows A Detective Amy Sadler Mystery, Book 1 “Michelle Arnold Never fails to deliver!” It was as very good book that was hard to put down when reading it. I felt the same way when listening to the audiobook... The story was well written and was Narrated so well that it made me yearn to keep listening to find out what happens next. This is a wonderful series and I will most definitely be picking up the next book/audiobook in this series once it comes out...Well done!””
Waltzing on the Danube “It was an interesting audio book. Both of the main characters wouldn’t admit to their true feelings...(Which drove me nuts threw out most of the book.😉) Yet I found I couldn’t help but root for them and was intrigued in seeing what was going to happen next. In the end I found myself invested and happy with the outcome.. as for the narration , Stephanie Murphy does a VERY good job with the voice overs and fitting to the character. I definitely enjoyed this audiobook!!”
The Promise “The Promise” really hits hard. I love the way Claire tackles the subject of Cancer threw out the first part of the book...The one last true act of love & unselfishness from Sarah to Ali so she may move on after she is gone was beautifully written. By the second half of the book you find that you can’t help but feel for Ali and want to see her fine her HEA. The story is very well written and the narrator- Kelsey Navarro does a wonderful job with this book and allowed the story to flow with her words. A definite 5 stars ⭐️”
The Good Girl “From the title and descriptions alone you expect you'll get a good dose of hot sex scenes, and the Author and Narrator definitely delivers. The narration is VERY well done and fitting to the characters and the plot and really enhanced the story! Definitely recommend! 5⭐️”
The Rules of Love (Rulebook Book 1) “I forgot just how much fun this book was when I first read it. There was enough angst, heat and attraction between Ruby & Maxine that you couldn’t help but root for them... it was also wonderful to put voiced to these characters with this audiobook version...The Narrator Teri Clark Linden did a great job with it! It’s definitely an opposites attract and gives the listener a HEA. Bravo to both the Author and Narrator 👏”
Telling Lies Online “I was excited to give it a listen since I had just recently finished reading another book by the same author and loved it. Now I really did enjoyed this book, it even caused me to become a tad frustrated with the constant angst and misfortune between the two MC’s. Which isn’t really a bad thing. It just means I was very much invested in this audiobook... One of the characters “Jamie” just can’t help herself when it comes to keeping her secrets and letting them snowball out of control. While the other “Claire” can’t seem to acknowledge who she really is and refuses to see what’s staring her in the face. Needless to say there’s quite a bit of back and forth before everything implodes and the listener get there HEA. It was a cute book and the Narrator Stephanie Murphy did a wonderful job with it! ... I’m sure I’ll continue to listen to more by this author. 5⭐️”
Finding Her “This audiobook was good! I thought the Narrator Sophie Daniels was spot on. She carried the storyline and each of its characters flawlessly. I really couldn’t say there was one voice that stuck out or took away from the audiobook. As for the story... I liked the 3 main characters of Nan, Cass & Annalee and of course how and what brought them together. (Washed ashore mermaid 🧜‍♀️) Once I started listening to it, I realized this book was much more then I thought. You had one characters who’s hiding her demons with past addiction and another hiding her fear of loss and trust. In the middle of all that you have an 8 year old who believes in mermaids and love. Now you add Holly the vindictive ex and all heck breaks loose. I found it hard to stop listening once I really got into it. Which in all reality was from the beginning. I will say it felt like it took them forever to simply speak there truths. They had many opportunity to do so, but time and time again put it off. Yet, It wasn’t enough to take away from the story. I would still recommend you giving this a listen. 👍”
Stay “Lou and Alice find their way back to one another in the most unexpected way. Alice’s daughter needs a service dog and it just so happens that Lou is the trainer of said dog for Anna. They have an undeniable connection. Guilt and shame has kept them apart for a good 8 yrs. Yet, they our forced to work together for Anna’s sake. In that time they get to know one another again. Their relationship begins to grow. Lou knows what she wants and is a bit hesitant with Alice. However, she's got some heavy baggage from her past and hang ups that hold her back. Alice wants to be strong for Lou, but she to has to overcome her own fears from their past. In the end when it's meant to will. You can't fight fate. Now, I truly liked this story. I just had difficulty with the narration. I felt like the characters were always in a kids voice. Specially Alice. It took some time and many chapters to get somewhat used to it. I did finish it and I’m glad I did because I really liked the story...would recommend just for the story in itself. 👍”