The Rules of Love (Rulebook Book 1)

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Maxine Saddler has never been in love. She knows exactly what it looks like. Shes spent years studying the phenomenon in other people, but her Asperger syndrome makes it far too anxiety-provoking to attempt such a thing in her own life. Instead, she focuses exclusively on academics.

Shes 23 years old, starting grad school, and perfectly content to ignore the world beyond her textbooks. That is, until she meets Ruby Satterwhite, who makes Max want to give love one more shot.

Ruby is the consummate social butterfly – sorority president, extracurricular list a mile long, and stunning to boot. In short, shes way out of Maxs league, and on top of it all, she kind of hates Max for how she blurts out whatevers on her mind, no matter how blunt.

But when theyre thrown grudgingly together for a group project in their first class, the heavens open up and the sparks begin to fly. There’s only one problem – Rubys still pining for her perfect ex-girlfriend.

Its time to turn on the charm like never before, but can Max master the rules of love?

1 review for The Rules of Love (Rulebook Book 1)

  1. Hayde W

    I forgot just how much fun this book was when I first read it. There was enough angst, heat and attraction between Ruby & Maxine that you couldn’t help but root for them… it was also wonderful to put voiced to these characters with this audiobook version…The Narrator Teri Clark Linden did a great job with it! It’s definitely an opposites attract and gives the listener a HEA. Bravo to both the Author and Narrator 👏

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