The Promise

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Ali and Susan Jenkins have it all. Their life together is mapped out on a one-way path to happiness, that is, until Susan is diagnosed with terminal cancer. Ali refuses to accept it – her world is shattered.

Susan’s last act of love is to make her wife promise that, one day, she will open her heart again and let somebody else love her. But, will Ali keep her promise?

3 reviews for The Promise

  1. Hayde W

    The Promise” really hits hard. I love the way Claire tackles the subject of Cancer threw out the first part of the book…The one last true act of love & unselfishness from Sarah to Ali so she may move on after she is gone was beautifully written. By the second half of the book you find that you can’t help but feel for Ali and want to see her fine her HEA. The story is very well written and the narrator- Kelsey Navarro does a wonderful job with this book and allowed the story to flow with her words. A definite 5 stars ⭐️

  2. Lisa C

    This is about Ali and Susan Jenkins, a happily married couple who get a tragic diagnosis. It was a realistic take into the end of someone’s life and the thoughts and decisions.

    Susan has Ali make her a Promise, which was an act of love on her part. Ali keeps the letter framed on her wall of her office and looks at it every day. You can feel Ali’s struggle as she tries hard to move on.

    Claire Highton-Stevenson is an excellent author and takes you through an emotional journey. Kelsey Navarro’s narrating is perfect!

    Well worth the listen/read. Just be prepared to have tissues!

  3. Cheri Fuller

    I realize that I’m way off from the vast majority of the other reviews I’ve seen but I had so many issues with this book that I couldn’t rate it any higher.

    First and foremost were the constant head-hopping (moving from one character’s POV to the next to the next, etc within a scene with no break or warning whatsoever) and essentially using eye and hair color as pronouns. There was also no background info that I remember about any of the characters and they really did feel flat to me. I mean, besides the crushing grief of Susan dying, I didn’t have anything else to connect to the characters with.

    The conversations that were revealed in the second half of the book that took place between Blair regarding Ali felt super creepy and gross to me. I had a tough time imagining Susan and Blair checking Ali out together. I understand what the author was trying to do and I get it but the execution didn’t work for me at all. Really, I’d have to say that very little worked for me from the beginning right up until the unnecessary misunderstanding and refusal to communicate at the very end.

    I’m very glad that so many people loved this book but it was definitely not for me. The only reason I finished it was because I got a free copy of the audiobook from Audiobooks Unleashed and felt an obligation to post a review.

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