Out of the Shadows A Detective Amy Sadler Mystery, Book 1

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A woman who has been missing for three months is found dead with over 200 tally marks carved into her skin. For Detective Amy Sadler, who is still recovering mentally from a past undercover operation gone wrong, the case is as unsettling as it is frustrating. 

As more bodies appear with the same tally marks, Amy’s only solace from the seemingly unsolvable case is the romance blooming between herself and forensic pathologist Dr. Lira Ward, a beautiful soul with a past even she doesn’t understand. But that solace is shattered when the case collides with their personal lives in a way no one sees coming, and Amy is left wondering if she can salvage what they once had.

1 review for Out of the Shadows A Detective Amy Sadler Mystery, Book 1

  1. Hayde W

    Michelle Arnold Never fails to deliver!”
    It was as very good book that was hard to put down when reading it. I felt the same way when listening to the audiobook… The story was well written and was Narrated so well that it made me yearn to keep listening to find out what happens next. This is a wonderful series and I will most definitely be picking up the next book/audiobook in this series once it comes out…Well done!”

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