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Dogs always have a way of finding people.

When a tumultuous past causes Alice Gray, the only woman Lou Pearson has ever loved, to leave her for good, she shrinks away from the world, trying to make amends. She dedicates years of her life to train service dogs and save rescues. Little did she know that a rescued dog would save her, too.

Caspian shows up in Lou’s life, and the dog guides her to a young girl who desperately needs him and to the girl’s mother, Alice, propelling Lou into a past she believed she’d never have to face again. To a woman who she assumed she’d lost forever. 

As an old romance and deep emotions resurface, Lou’s worst fears come crashing back and she can’t help but wonder: This time, if it all falls apart, will Alice stay?

2 reviews for Stay

  1. Qwirkie1

    Loved this book! How can you not??? Lesbians and dogs! Well written and narrorated!

  2. Hayde W

    Lou and Alice find their way back to one another in the most unexpected way. Alice’s daughter needs a service dog and it just so happens that Lou is the trainer of said dog for Anna. They have an undeniable connection. Guilt and shame has kept them apart for a good 8 yrs. Yet, they our forced to work together for Anna’s sake. In that time they get to know one another again. Their relationship begins to grow. Lou knows what she wants and is a bit hesitant with Alice. However, she’s got some heavy baggage from her past and hang ups that hold her back. Alice wants to be strong for Lou, but she to has to overcome her own fears from their past. In the end when it’s meant to be….it will. You can’t fight fate.
    Now, I truly liked this story. I just had difficulty with the narration. I felt like the characters were always in a kids voice. Specially Alice. It took some time and many chapters to get somewhat used to it. I did finish it and I’m glad I did because I really liked the story…would recommend just for the story in itself. 👍

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