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John Smith
Slater’s Tempest ““ The world has an annoying habit of being what it is, not what we want it to be.” I’ve been thoroughly enjoying these stories! Ok, so I know it’s listed under Romance which would usually deter me, but I wouldn’t class it as that; it’s much more mystery! Either way, they’re great books! Really well written, with great, enjoyable characters and storyline. As for narration, well Tom is one of my favourites so I’m biased! He has great character voices and really knows how to build the tension and atmosphere whenever the story requires it! I hope there’s more coming soon! This is my honest opinion on a free review copy.”
Ravine of Blood and Shadow “I enjoyed listening to this book. It was a little on the slow side, but now it’s finished laying out the background, maybe book 2 will be a little faster in getting to the meat of things. The narrator does a good job of telling the story, but I felt the pacing/tempo was a little too constant (eating breakfast felt the same as a battle.) All in all, looking forward to hearing the next book. This is my honest opinion of a free review copy.”
Mountain of Madness “Whether it was the story, the narration or just my attention span, I struggled to connect with this story unfortunately and so kept losing track of what was happening. There’s plenty of action and adventure to keep you amused, but I found the narration a little too ‘samey’ without any differentiation between action scenes and just daily ongoings, although he does have some great character voices. This is my honest opinion on a free review copy.”
The Legends Saga “What can I say, I loved this series of books! 🙂 I had no idea of what was coming and it turned out to be Such a good intertwining of some old Legends with a modern day twist and manipulation of backstory. It can be somewhat difficult at times when the 2 timelines switch, but it’s doesn’t detract much from the overall enjoyment! The first story is my favourite, probably as it holds the key to the overall mystery but I would still have bought the others had they not been part of this whole collection and I will be looking out to see if there are any follow-ups! As for the narrator, I think she did a great job too; yes, some of the characters I would have wanted to sound different and some of them have similar voices and were difficult to tell apart sometimes but I can’t complain too much and she’s a very good storyteller! This is an honest review given freely of a review copy.”
Monster Born ““Opened a person to a storm of Minnesota ice instead of the usual happy, Minnesota nice” I’m a little torn with this book; It’s filled with great wordflow and imagery but I found myself very confused for at least half the book and the conversations between the characters seems too “simple” in comparison to the background. I loved the narrators style, pacing and voice although the accents could be improved a little. This is my honest opinion on a free review copy.”
Killstreak: Respawn “Gripped! Perfect! Probably my favourite LitRPG so far! Really well written with a story that flows so well. An underlying mystery that’s drip fed occasionally and masses of hard fought action throughout with none of the ‘oh, I’ll use my massively overpowered spell/weapon to overcome anything in my path’! Probably my favourite setting for Scott’s narration so far; he perfectly pulls of the balance of the tempo of the story and is great with all the characters. I was so engrossed I felt myself take a breath when the ‘thank you for listening to...’ appeared at the end and had to desperately open book 2 (thank goodness I already had it downloaded!). This is my honest opinion of a free review copy.”
Forsaken Talents 1: A Dark Path (Grimdark LitRPG) “What a great listen! Such a great, enjoyable listen. Made a great change having an anti-hero and a nice twist on the LitRPG and I thought it was a lot of fun. Filled with tons of adventure and character building. Scott does a fantastic job with narration and all his characters are easily identifiable, he’s just a great storyteller!! I must just add though, despite it being great, I wouldn’t really call it Grimdark. It does follow a dark path, there’s acts of dark violence and the MC definitely doesn’t have any morals but it doesn’t have the grim/gritty feel I usually expect from grimdark. This is my honest opinion of a free review copy.”
A Black Soul “Grimdark LitRPG! If you like LItRPG, then you’ll like this! A great story with a dark storyline instead of the usual hero adventure. It’s full of action, magic and dark deeds. If I’m honest, it doesn’t feel as gritty as I expect from GrimDark, but there’s no denying he’s a nasty fellow! As always, Scott’s narration is great. He makes it so easy to listen to with great character differentiations and some great voices too! Highly recommend and will be keeping my eyes peeled for the next instalment! This is my honest opinion of a free review copy.”
Brother Bones: The Undead Avenger “‘The bullets tore across the room like lead encased bees’ A great story, very reminiscent of the original ‘Lone Ranger’ era novels with a hint of touch up for the modern era. Definitely worth a listen; monsters, the undead, mobsters... what’s there not to like!? As for the narration, as always Scott makes it such an easy listen. You pretty much can’t go wrong with anything that he gets involved in! This is my honest opinion of a free review copy.”
One Eyed Jack “Great start to the series! Blackmail, industrial sabotage and Russian mobsters... what could be better than this!? Well written, full of intrigue, mystery and suspense and superbly narrated by Tom, I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this. Tom is brilliant at building the intensity and his characters are great! It’s a good, easy listen, with plenty going on but doesn’t get too dark to make it hard going. Not got anything bad to say about it and straight onto book 2 for me!! This is my honest opinion of a free review copy.”
Russian Roulette – One Eyed Jack Book 2 “As good as the first! Literally picks up moments after the first book finishes and just as good. Probably a bit more action focused and a lot more peril than the first! Again, Tom does a brilliant job narrating; great character voices, great atmospheric reading. Really hope there’s more to come.”
Sin Tax – One Eyed Jack Book 3 “Gotta love Jack! This 3rd book in the series is just as good as the previous 2; I listened to the book in one day and I loved it. Can’t fault Christopher (other than he need to write more! Lol) and definitely can’t fault Tom. I’ve listened to a few books Tom has narrated now and he’s superb; fantastic character voices and is able to set the tone of each situation perfectly. Everyone should listen to One-Eyed Jack. This is my honest opinion of a free review copy.”
Blue Chip – One Eyed Jack Book 4 ““Everyone says they’re connected. Either to the mob or Kevin bacon.” Jack is always a great listen and this is no exception. Ok, so not being a football fan, some pages lost me a bit, but the tension and suspense parts really had me gripped (more even than the earlier books!), they were great!! As always, Tom knocks the narration out of the park; I’m not sure anyone could be a better Jack! Highly recommend this series! This is my honest opinion on a free review copy.”
The Unkind Hours “Favourite book of the year so far! What a story! Loved it all the way through and couldn’t put it down. Perhaps because I have a daughter of my own, I found the story very easy to relate to? It’s a thriller full of suspense and intrigue and many twists and turns! Very well written and superbly narrated! Tom does an excellent job with the characters and portrays the suspense and emergency of the situations brilliantly! Hope to see more from an Alexander and Tom pairing in the future!”
Night at Key West “Really enjoyable murder mystery! Really enjoyed this mystery tale and it was really well narrated with well defined characters. I will definitely be looking out for the next book in the series.”
The Mayhem Children “Truly disturbing! Such a great listen! Very well written, enough going on to keep you interested throughout, great characters and fantastically narrated by Tom who’s able to really express the mood and suspense with some great character voices! Really hope there’s more in the pipeline! This is my honest opinion of a free review copy.”
Things Not Said “Fantastic! I wasn’t sure what to expect from these short stories as I hadn’t read the blurb, but wow, was I impressed! They are such great stories, well written and really intense; I would love to have read these as a novel too! I’ve listened to a few of Tom’s narrations and he never ceases to impress me! This was no exception and is possibly my favourite so far; he has such a great voice and pacing; listening to him is so easy and he has a fantastic way of telling the intense or creepy parts that leaves you on the edge of your seat and his character voices are brilliant! Definitely worth a listen!! This is my honest opinion of a free review copy.”
My Sister’s Fear ““Somewhere out in the world, a butterfly shook its wings and laughed at my plan” A great story full of mystery, suspense and action. I thought they were really great characters and can’t wait to hear more about them (going straight on my wishlist!) The second case was my favourite (although definitely nothing wrong with the first!) but I wish I’d already read the first book. It can easily be listened to without having read book 1, but I would have liked to hear the background first hand! Narration is amazing! If I ever have need to have my life commentated, then Tom will be the one to do it! He had such a great reading voice and his characters are brilliant too. I can’t wait to hear more. This is my honest opinion on a free review copy.”
My Sister’s Detective “Great start to the series! I did spoil it for myself a little by listening to book 2 first, but it still made for a great story! I really love the characters and there’s just enough intensity and the odd action scene to keep me hooked! I loved Tom’s narration he really draws you into the story and has great character voices and has perfect pacing for stories like this! This is my honest opinion on a free review copy.”
The Night Calls: A Project Specter Mystery, Book 2 “Tom Jordan does an amazing job with narrating! This was a great book and I’m really enjoying the series so far! There’s enough action, mystery and suspense to keep everyone interested and as mentioned above, the narration is brilliant! This is my honest opinion on a free review copy.”
Gutter Medicine: Twenty-Six Years as a Firefighter Paramedic “A heartfelt, inspiring tale of a man’s career helping people which you have to admire! I’m not normally drawn in by autobiographies, but I really enjoyed this. It wasn’t the action packed adventure I was part expecting, but an honest and sad tale of a man’s journey through his career as a firefighter-paramedic! Very much worth a listen and Tom does a fantastic job telling Roger’s story. I think he had the perfect pace and feeling for telling a story such as this and I don’t think I would have enjoyed it nearly as much with another narrator.”